Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Better Browsing

Google Chrome is a fantastic browser with ton of customization options. Installations of some extensions will make your Google Chrome most powerful browser. Here we selected some extensions to boost your Google Chrome productivity, so what are you waiting for jump on the list.

Facebook Adblock Effect

Facebook Adblock

Facebook Adblock is a Google Chrome extension, which removes all ads like sponsored pages your friends like, sponsored ads in the right sidebar and promoted posts. Just simply install the extension in Google Chrome, and rest of the blocking process will taken by Facebook Adblock.

Make Your Web Reading More Comfortable With G.Lux Chrome Extension


G.Lux resemblances f.lux, it is a very useful extension in night time reading. It offers various colors to choose, it balances the light of monitor and changes the color temperature of the page you’re viewing.

Clear All Browsing History And Traces In Chrome Powerfully With History Eraser

History Eraser

History Eraser is a Google Chrome Extension, works effectively with browser. It provides three main important privacy features. 1.It remains you regularly to clear browsing data. 2.One click delete button. 3.It clears data more than Google offers.

View And Post Social Media Updates From Your Email Account With PowerInbox thetechhacker


PowerInbox is an extension for Chrome, it integrates with Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, and Yahoo and works as a slidebar in your favorite email service. It lets you keep updated with Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Instagram and more.

BitTorrent Surf

Bittorrent Surf

Download Torrents Directly with Chrome using Bittorrent Surf. You cannot modify the upload or download bandwidth to Surf, you can the sharing percentage for files you download. When you install extension Surf adds a single icon to the browser’s address bar that you can click on to manage your current downloads and search for new. Surf is not for regular torrent users, it is meant for people who wants flexibility and simplicity.

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Social Fixer thetechhacker

Social Fixer

If you are regular Facebook user and you want customize your Facebook try Social Fixer for Facebook. It is a Google Chrome Extension with tons of great options. Social Fixer is an extension that greatly enhances your Facebook experience and makes the site easier to use by adding a ton of great functionality.

Access All Google Services in a Single Menu in Chrome using Black Menu Extension thetechhacker

Black Menu Extension

Google offers lot of useful services for free. But How do you access those apps? Black Menu is easiest way to access all Google services in one click. Black Menu is a Google Chrome extension. Install the extension from Google Web Store. After installation you’ll see a icon below close menu. When you click on the icon it open as list including google search box. You can easily access all google services within the extension. It is a very nice extension to save your time when in search for Google Chrome services.


News Hub Extension

If you’re looking for a browser extension to replace the Google Reader is News Hub. After installing the extension, simply click on the little orange RSS icon next to the address bar. Add the feeds you want to subscribe to – and that’s it. News Hub comes with a few feed suggestions, but there aren’t any subscriptions pre added. To add a feed, click the ‘Add Feed’ button. A search box appears to easily search your desired feed addresses.

TweetDeck Extension

TweetDeck by Twitter

TweetDeck is a official Twitter Google Chrome extension. It is one of the lightest twitter client for Chrome. TweetDeck makes it easier for publishers, marketers and power users to track the real-time conversations they care about.

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Pocket Extension


Pocket is a life saver for regular internet users. Pocket is formerly known as “read it later”, is a simple button that let’s you store interesting articles.


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