Install Default Home Launcher Of Android KitKat 4.4 In Any Android Device

Update - 2016.07.12Article no more relevant as some of the links are removed. Sorry for the inconvenience

Android KitKat at present available for high-end devices, but if you are eager to install few native apps of KitKat 4.4 in your Android device then you can. Home screen can change the feel of any phone, especially in Android devices launcher app can make magic in changing the feel of user interface. The XDA developers forum made this possible to install the Home Screen Launcher of KitKat on your Android.

This guide will help you to install Android KitKat Home Screen launcher in any normal Android device.

Instructions to install Adroid 4.4 Home Screen Launcher in your Android

  1. First, download the Android KitKat Home Launcher in your computer and extract the zip file on the desktop.
  2. Connect your Android to the computer and copy the folder on your device.
  3. Now disconnect the device and install the files “PrebuiltGmsCore.apk”, “Velvet.apk” and “GoogleHome.apk” in order.
  4. After installing three files press the home button in your device and choose the new Home Launcher.

Download Launcher.


Visit XDA Developer’s Forum.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk.

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