Ten Amazing & Useful Websites Of The Week Saturday-5

Ready for Ten Amazing & Useful Websites Of The Week Saturday edition-5? Here is the best of the web in Saturday post. You can alternatively read our article on Useless Websites on the Internet and Top study websites.


1. About.com

About.com is a website which provides information about wide variety of topics. The site consists of articles and videos and are organized into channels consisting of various topics, which are authored and maintained by freelance writers referred to as “Experts”.


2. Chronos

Chronos is an Android and iOS app that lets you to know how you’re spending your life. See how you are spending your time, without lifting a finger. chronos runs in the background on your phone, and automatically captures every moment.


3. Invoiceable

Invoiceable is a most useful website to managing and sending invoices online. Upload your clients details and track how much they owe you in one central location which you can access from anywhere. Access your invoices through a mobile device with our iPhone, iPad and Android friendly platform.


4. Dailylister

Dailylister is an all of craigslist search engine as well as other smaller classified sites like Oodle, Geebo and eBay Classifieds. We combine Google and other online classifieds sites to make it easier to find things for sale over all of the classified sites.


5. Quickdraw

Using Quickdraw you can create a short-lived poll or list and tweet it to your followers to get answers fast.

Copy YouTube Playlists

6. Copy YouTube Playlists

Use our online tool to copy any YouTube playlist to your YouTube account (video demo). Just authorize the app and enter the URL of the YouTube Playlist that you wish to clone. When you click the sign-in button, the app will ask for permissions to manage your YouTube account which is required for creating playlists in your YouTube account. You can revoke access to the app anytime from your Google Accounts page. There are no restrictions and you can copy any number of YouTube playlists to your channel.

PSD Validator

7. PSD Validator

It lets you find how well your PSD files structured using some rules of Photoshop. Upload or drag the file to check.


8. Sher.ly

Sher.ly is a workspace collaboration platform, you can invite colleagues and share files. You can invite members and work the same way you work and securely share files of any size.


9. Solayo

Solayo lets you to organize web videos in a group. After signing in, search for your videos, then watch them on Solayo’s media player, and save the videos in playlists for replaying later.


10. Goalazo

Goalazo is football/soccer info site that brings daily highlights of matches across major leagues around the world.

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