Doxie Flip Is A Transparent Flatbed Scanner For Easy Workflow

If I wanted to get a small, portable scanner for my everyday use, I would go for the Doxie Flip. Doxie Flip is a battery powered portable scanner with unique features. If you want to go paperless at low cost and less space consuming scanner then definitely go for Doxie Flip.

Design & Features

The Doxie Flip weighs 660 grams (1.45 lbs) and made out of plastic. The design of Doxie Flip resemblances a small notebook. It is pretty small and easy to handle, it can easily slip into your backpack. The lid of the Doxie Flip is removable and scanning window is transparent.

Doxie Scanning


To scan a photo or a document simply place the Doxie on the surface of the object. You can scan photos, large books, documents, coins and surface of any thing using its Flip feature. Using advantage of Flip design you can able to scan objects of many different shapes and sizes.

Doxie Flip Open Lid



Doxie Flip runs on 4XAA batteries and the juice is enough to take 200 scans. Each scan will take nearly seven seconds to complete according to Doxie specs.

Doxie Services

Doxie can save scan in JPG and PNG formats with 300dpi or 600dpi. The best part of the Doxie is its free Doxie app, it lets to perform OCR on text and export scans to Evernote, Dropbox and much more services.

Doxie Flip Size



Overall it is a very good portable scanner to take scans on the go. The Doxie Flip is now available for $149.

Visit Doxie Flip.

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