How To Install CyanogenMod ROM With The Official CM Installer

We posted different articles about flashing custom ROM’s for your Android devices. The most popular custom ROM for the Android is CyanogenMod. It offers ton of customization options to Android. Normally installation of a custom ROM includes various steps like downloading files,flashing a custom recovery, booting and more.

The developer’s of CyanogenMod created a easy way to install CyanogenMod on your device. All you need to do is simply install Android app and software on Windows system. The best part is it doesn’t require root access.


Before get started first check the supported device list. Make sure your device is listed here for easiest process.
Next backup your Android device, If your device’s bootloader is locked in the process , you should also backup the contents of your internal storage to your PC. Some time it will entirely wipe your device, backup will help you to restore the data.


Supported Android smartphone and PC
CynogenMod Installer on Android and Windows installer on PC.

Installation Procedure:

1.Launch the CM installer on your Android and click on Begin, next screen will displays the procedure for enabling the Camera (PTP) mode for your USB connection and continue to the next screen.

CM Installer
2.Now launch the CM installer on your PC.

CM Installer
3.Now connect your device with PC, now the installer will detect your device.
4.On your device, enabling Camera (PTP) mode will prompt you on a screen, asking you are ready to install CM and should continue on Windows. If all goes well it shows a message on your device that it has been detected the installer.
5.Next Windows installer will check for compatibility issues.
6.Next the CM will start downloading the required files for your device.
7.After required files downloading you’ll be prompted to install the ROM.

CM Confirmation
8.After clicking on Install option the device restart several times whenever required and follow any on screen instructions if required. In a few minutes the CM will successfully installed on your device.

CyanogenMod Android App.

CyanogenMod PC Installer.

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