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If you are a user of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch), then you may know that it is easy to accidental delete your files with the wrong touch. And you may also lose your data due to other reasons like iOS updating, physical damage or jailbreak. So what can you do to regain your lost files from iOS devices if you forget to backup data with iTunes? When these come to you, what you need is an iOS data recovery tool, and this is also the only item which can save your lost data.

There are plenty of data recovery software for iOS you can find in the market. But ensure to make the recovery safe, effective and has no damage to your devices, you need to find a great one. Here I will introduce you 321Soft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac that proved capable of recovering lost data from iOS devices.

321Soft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac is desktop software that works with all iOS devices. It can directly recover lost data from iPhone, iPad& iPod touch, and even the new released iPhone 5S/C, new iPad, and iPad mini. Also, it is powerful as it can recover files from iTunes even without iOS devices.

Just like what I mentioned above. 321Soft iPhone Data Recovery has two ways for recovering: directly recover from iOS devices or recover from iTunes backups in case that you have lost your devices. And as it has such two comprehensive recovery mode, it can meet almost all circumstances that may cause data loss. As for recoverable types of files, 321Soft can recover up to 12 types of files, like photos, messages, contacts, call history and more.

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But you may ask, other software also have these features, so what’s the advantage of 321Soft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac? The main functions of different recovery software are about the same. But I found that 321Soft has some special advantages which other software do not have.

The most obvious feature is that this software is easy to perform. If you see other software, you will find that they always need your iOS devices to get into DFU Mode or Recovery Mode if you want to recover directly from iOS devices. 321Soft never need you to do that. To recover directly from iOS devices, just connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod via USB. And as it has user-friendly interfaces, you can do the recovery by yourself with 3 steps; then you will see all your lost data back! So, this recovery process is faster than others and easier to perform.

Another great feature is that it provides with selective recovery. Either recovering from iOS device or iTuens backup, all your data will be classified and shown in categories. And you can choose only to display deleted files. So you will quickly find what you want among thousands of different files and then recover it.

But please notice that: 321Soft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac can not run on Windows system, it only has Mac version. So it will be a pity if you are a Windows user.

All in all, these are my user experience after using it and recovered my iPhone successfully. I used to hesitate when I was finding proper recovery software. As 321Soft has the trial version for users to try before buy, I tried it and found that it was easy and excited to see all my lost data on my iPhone. If you have the same situation as me, why not try 321Soft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac?

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    jackli Nov 20, 2013 at 6:42 am

    I have use this tool you recommend. So easy to use and useful. Thank you very much. All my important photos were got back.

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