Need For Speed Rivals Review

Need For Speed Rivals is this year’s hottest racing game from EA sports. Rivals is an impressive game from Ghost Games availability with present and next gen consoles. The backdrop of Rivals is beautifully set in Redview mountain county.

NFS Rivals Play

Like in the first franchise the game revolves around cops and cars. The game is available in the single player campaign and Multiplayer. The previous NFS Most Wanted allows you to explore tunnels and jump off from rooftops, where as Rivals explores you to race on track.

NFS Rivals Gameplay

Want to go for a crazy drive on the edge of the mountains at a speed of 200 mph? this game will definitely blow your mind. Rivals is all about speed in racing world, you need to complete checklists to progress. Whether you are playing in a cop or a race mode it keep you interested.

Game start with a character Zephyr (played by you). The game is setup in the open world, you can do anything at some points. You can spend your time by ignoring race until the cop chases you. The story progress is depended on the completing speed-lists to improve rank and unlock new vehicles.

NFS Rivals Gameplay

Rivals is addictive and very interesting to play, unlocking every new stage gives you access to the posh and super fast Ferrari’s and Aston Martins. You can customize your vehicle with turbo boosts, spike strips and mines.

NFS Rivals Cars

In the network play you can access autolog feature to view your game progression, next unlocks and plan next gaming session with your friends in the console. NFS Rival is the first title in the series developed by EA Gothenburg in Sweden. They crafted the game in a perfect way for the next gen of consoles.


The game is a blend of speed & cars, it throttle your adrenaline rush undoubtedly. It is not the most attractive racer but NFS keeps you engaged with awesome graphics and cool cars.

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