How To Try Google Chrome Web Apps Without Installing Them

Love to try new Google Chrome apps? You can easily try Google Chrome apps without installing them in Chrome Beta or Canary version. This trick is discovered by Venkat at Techdows. Google Chrome team is developing a testing experimental feature called ephemeral for dev and canary build purpose.

Using this ephemeral service you can easily test every app is Google Chrome Web store. Here is the process how to enable apps without installing them

  1. First go to chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-apps in address bar
  2. Now click enable button and restart the browser.

Once it is done, type any app name in the Chrome app launcher and you’ll see two buttons next to it. Add and Launch. Now hit the launch button to try the app without installing it.

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HOW to Try Google Chrome Apps Without Installing Them

Extensions have been a thing for quite some time for PC users. They were brought more into the fray thanks to Google Chrome and its avid use of them. Extensions are great, and all, but some of them do have their problems.

Some of you can testify to having issues with browser crashing or juts mot acting right. This is usually sometimes caused by an extension that’s not interacting well with the browser. What’s the best solution for this? You might wonder. Well, it’s simple.

Try the extension before installing it. We should note that this was previously not possible, but now you, not really an issue. If you love trying new chrome apps, then rest assured that you now can. We can’t take all the credit for figuring this out. Venkat at Techdows is the one who originally found the trick and how to use it. He found a way to install Google Chrome apps without having to actually install them.

It’s important to know that users of the beta, dev and canary builds of the software are the ones that’ll be able to take advantage of this exploit. This is made possible because the Chromium team are working on an experimental feature known as ephemeral apps. Enable this feature and installing apps will be a thing of the past. How’s this done? It’s a simple procedure really. All you need is:

How to Run Apps in Chrome Without Installing Them

  1. To open Chrome Browser
  2. In the address bar input chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-apps
  3. You’ll be prompted with a dialog box with which you’ll click on the Enable button
  4. After this, restart the browser, and you’re done.

That’s all you need to do. To see if this has taken effect you’re going to need to access the Chrome App launcher. From there, type in any app name, and you’ll see to buttons next to it. These buttons are Add and Launch. Seeing this means that you were successful.

If you’d like to try the app without installing it, just click the launch button. If you’re more interested in having the app, just hit the Add button. As we said previously, it’s really not hard at all.

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