Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

What is wearable is the question of people all the time. Finding out new Gadgets is never been so easy. Here comes a smart watch. Of course earlier Pebble is too odd with toy like features, Galaxy Gear is very expensive.

Of course Pebble despite imperfect, notifications of incoming messages mails, twitter alerts without picking phone out of pocket. Now, Sony comes out with modified version of its earlier smartwatch as SmartWatch2. Unlike SmartWatch of last year which is Clumsy.not so good looking and had to be dyed in the wool wearable connoisseur considering $149.99. SmartWatch 2 bit more expensive stars at $199.99 with rubber band has advantage of larger display, Improved design,updated interface another enhancements. Sony by its Brand Name can come into mainstream of smartwatches.

SmartWatch2 Review

The SmartWatch 2 looks like smaller version of Sony’s Xperia Z smartphone with square corners and Power button of Silver colour on one side, being only physical button on the watch.

Build & Design

SmartWatch2 has 1.6 inch LCD touchscreen and soft keys for back, home and menu functions. The screen has poor viewing angles and its 220X176 resolution displays jagged edges and of course visible outdoors under light. It makes easy to check time and features like in earlier version of SmartWatch. But, to dismay, during nights or dim light, turning the power button is must and it doesn’t stay long as by default it stays on only for 3 seconds.


SmarWatch 2 larger than SmartWatch, lighter and smaller than Galaxy Gear.1.6 inch square SmartWatch2 weighs1,63 ounces,compared to 2.6 ounces of Gear and 1.34 ounces of Pebble.suitable for medium wrists.

SmartWatch2 is IP57 rated water resistance,but to see the port cover is closed before the watch is in wet. Advantage of SmartWatch2 is rubber watchband,and of course it is also offered with metal band, looks good with limited adjustablity. The rubber band is pretty good and also supports standard 24 mm watch bands of any make. And Sony offers variety of colour and leather bands.


SmartWatch2 design is attractive, but display is not upto the mark and its software follows. Smartwatch 2 bettered than its earlier version with revamped Unintuitive interface to mimic Android.The buttons below the screen appears to be of Android, no true.


Pairing of SmartWatch2 with Android Phone any iOS is not supported at all. It needs download Sony’s Smart Connect app from Play Store. which handles all SmartWatch settings and notifications and also allows third party apps on it. Sony comes out 150 apps optimized for the SmartWatch2 out of 300 available, such as Twitter, Gmail and Facebook notifications, apart from handling camera right from the wrist. Third Party apps include viz, device authentication for Wi-Fi , Bluetooth toggles, battery and timers.

Smartwatch 2 Pair for Android

Setting up apps from smartphone is bit of chore, Smart Connect app is not intuitive and appears like Android 2.3 version. The Bluetooth range is very small and disconnects if away from range and reconnects with out problems once back into range.

The ability of notifications without looking into smartphone is the real value. SmartWatch 2 has all the abilities of notifications, but subject to severe delays. And also lack ability to mark as read or to archive or to delete, also do not sync between phone and watch.It means that it needs two dealings for every notification. The Sony has to address this anomaly.

Notification System

SmartWatch2 interface is upto the pull down notification shade and swappable home screens, with six app Icons, sorted alphabetically or frequency of the use. Appearing every Icon mimic with logo is not needed when users know to use smartphone. Although, SmartWatch has its own Android Version, it still depends on smartphone and Sony’s Smart Connect app.

Sony Watch2

The features include saying time, use as a stopwatch and alarm, rejecting incoming calls, sending pre loaded text messages with out touching the phone provided Sony Smartphone,can answer class, though the SmartWatch does hold microphone or speaker. Another one is it do not let to change default clock face by third party app.It provides five analog or digital watch faces only. One should go with them.

SmartWatch 2 interface is low responsive. apps opening is time consuming. More often the user forced to pick phone out of pocket to see notifications, rendering wearing SmartWatch less useful.

Sony SmartWatch 2

The plus point of smartwatch is long battery life. The Pebble lasts for five days, Galaxy Gear lasts only a day. The Smart watch battery life is about three to four days, once fully charged. Another advantage is charge over Micro USB. The cable of smart phone is useful for smartwatch.

Final Words

A SmartWatch must inculcate feel of wearing wrist computer. But, it misses .function that wearer desires. Although, lot developments found in hardware, simplicity and functionality is cumbersome.

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