Vuze Officially Launched Vuze Remote Client For Android

Vuze Officially Launched Vuze Remote Client For Android

Vuze is a famous torrent downloading client, they recently launched it’s companion for smartphones and tablets as a remote controlling app. The app allows you to control your Vuze desktop client through your mobile device.

Vuze Downloads Vuze UI

The app is simple and straight forward, first install the app form Google Play store on your device. Next open your Vuze desktop client and click on “Tool”s in the menu section and click on remote pairing.

Remote Pairing

The Remote Pairing window wizard gives you access code or QR code to authorize your mobile device. Simply enter the code or scan the QR code in your device. Now you can access your Vuze desktop client from everywhere on the Internet by visiting the remote. Personally I recommend the Vuze Remote Android app for all Vuze desktop users out there who want to keep a close eye on their torrents.


  • Search for torrents directly from your device & add to your desktop client
  • Manage torrent progress
  • Set torrent file download/upload speeds
  • Create login profiles to connect multiple remote computers
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Advanced login controls and supports Transmission bittorrent client

Download Vuze Remote.

Download Vuze Desktop.