Ruby Programming – A beautiful Artful Language For The Developers

It has been more than 10 years, this Ruby on Rail (RoR) web application framework has been introduced in the IT field. Still now, RoR is a popular application framework among the developers. Have you ever wondered why it is so? This is because RoR is an open source application that runs successfully on Ruby programming language. The creator Matz blended two different languages to develop this balanced, functional programming language known as Ruby language.

Ruby language; What it is all about

It is a simple language with careful balance. According to Martz “its simple in appearance but very complex, just like our human mind.” Since, its introduction in the year 1996, this programming language has attracted coders from all over the world. That’s why, coders nowadays love to work on this language. TIOBEX index measures the growth of some of the major programming language. According to its market study, Ruby holds the 9th position among all the other language in the worldwide. Obviously, its popularity has influenced the market value of the RoR web framework. Now, I hope you understand why using this Ruby language has become so important to develop an effective web application development program.

Above that, this language is available for free in online. Thus, if you ever plan to use this language, you are free to use, copy and modify this language as per your requirement.

Besides this fact, Ruby language has some essential feature that is also responsible for its popularity. Let’s take a look at those features to understand this language in detail.

Flexibility of the language

Ruby is considered as a flexible language. It allows its user to use and modify as per his convenience. In fact, some essential portion of the language can be removed if it is required to do so. The rest portion can be used for the software development program. In other words, Ruby provides ample freedom for a coder to use the language effectively and efficiently.

Ruby features single inheritance

Unlike any other programming language, Ruby has single inheritance. But it is only this language that understands the concept of modules. These modules are the collections of methods.

Visual appearance of Ruby language

In this programming language, English keywords, and some punctuation marks are used to decode the language. It doesn’t require any external variable in the decoding process. Simple use naming conventions to denote the scope of variables. This convention could be a local variable, an instance variable or a global variable.

Besides these basic features, Ruby has many more salient features that can be used. Some of those features are:-

  • This language has an exceptional skill for handling Java or Python to make these features more user-friendly for a user.
  • This language or the RoR web application platform doesn’t require much maintenance service in their extended libraries.
  • Writing C extensions for Ruby language is much easier, unlike Python.
  • If the Operating System (OS) allows, Ruby can load the extension libraries as well.
  • It is highly portable. It is developed mostly on LINUX and works on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, DOS and OS/2.

All these features together define the fact as to why Ruby language programming is considered as an intelligent language by the coders. If you still wish to know more about the project, take help of the Internet. Web sites based on these programming languages are there from where you can get detailed information.

Jerry Ahern, is an expert on software development services and has knowledge of mobile software development programs. He writes numerous blogs and articles based on this subject. In this article, he speaks about the Ruby programming language and why coders prefer to use this over any other programming language.

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