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The amount of mobility that smartphones are providing us with is amazing. Not only are they allowing us to do a ton of things on the go, which was previously only possible if we were somewhere near a PC, but they also have a ton of apps that can help us find our way in a new city and find all the landmarks that can be of some interest. Most of these apps would be kind of interesting to play around even in the comfort of your homes, as they could help you learn a lot about a particular location. That’s why we decided to give you a short list of the Best Android GPS Apps that we have had the opportunity to use.

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Google Maps

Google Maps

Even though there is hardly a chance that you don`t know about this app, we still had to mention it in this article, because of the ton of features that it offers, great coverage and amazing reliability. Google Maps does such a great job that it was even recommended by Apple, which should tell you a lot about its usefulness. Despite providing you with a ton of information and possibilities, it has a straightforward, clear-cut interface that is easy to navigate and that allows you to get quickly all the info you need. Apart from enabling you to pinpoint easily your location on the map, it provides you with an online map of the whole world, allows you to save certain locations or upload them to your map, customize the type of navigation and choose between several offered routes, as well as do a number of handy things. Best of all, the app is completely free and covers most of the average user`s needs.

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Waze: Social GPS Maps and Traffic

This app does a great job of integrating the info on your location with different social aspects. Apart from informing you of the nearest location of your interest, be it a library, restaurant, hospital or just about anything else, the app allows you to make a personal profile, and interact with other people using the app. If you so choose, your current location can always be available to other people using the app, which allows you to find them, or be found at any moment in time. Naturally, if you are uncomfortable with this level of exposure, you can always decide to make your location more private.

OsmAnd Maps

OsmAnd+ Maps and Navigation

This comprehensive app is not only stocked with all the relevant information on your surroundings that you may need, but it is also capable of saving a map of a certain area on your device so that you can easily access it even without network coverage or connection. It comes with some features standard for the apps of this type, including turn by turn navigation, voice instructions, aligning with the direction you are moving in, automatic rerouting, displaying nearby places of interest as well bus or subway stops, and some other options. For the relatively low price of $6.99, this app makes a great addition to every Android device.

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