Create Collage Of Your Photos In Windows 8 & RT Easily With Phototastic

Photo collage making is a fun project, which is much popular among youth. Number of apps available online to make Colleges easily in mobiles and desktop’s. Phototastic is fun and pretty simple app for Windows 8 & RT users to create collage. This app lets you create college in Modern UI style.

Phototastic College Potraits

To get started, download the Phototastic app from Windows 8 App store. The user interface of app resemblances the Windows 8 Metro UI. Here click ‘Create your first Collage’ and then choose your desired collage layout.

Phototastic Editing

It shows some free photo collage templates, each one lets you attach multiple photos in varying grids. After choosing desired layout, Phototastic lets you select the pictures you want to insert into the grid. After clicking next, you’ll see the main editing user interface with tools ans settings. The best part of this app is it lets you to choose the background, you can choose textured pattern or gradient colour.


After customizing your college, you can publish the college to Facebook, Google+, Twitter social networks or you can save directly on your hard drive. Phototastic is a beautiful app for Windows 8, you can download it for free in Windows App store.

Features of Phototastic

  • 100+ collage templates with upto 25 photos
  • Free mode with unlimited photos
  • Built in action camera
  • Stylish backgrounds
  • Photo shapes
  • Photo frames
  • Adjustable collage inner and outer borders

Download Phototastic.

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