Capture & Share Screenshots Instantly On Windows With EzSnap

In many cases you need to take a screenshot of your desktop. There are quiet a few people out there which strictly use screen casting softwares. Most of us entirely depend on the Windows Snipping tool to capture screenshots. Today, we thought of picking out easy screenshot taking tool for Windows.

EzSnap Settings

EzSnap is a simple and very useful screenshot taking tool for Windows. EzSnap is a very light weight program, sizes only 512kb. It can easily take screenshot of your entire desktop or a particular area or Window with a simple command Ctrl+1. The application captures the screenshots and instantly upload its to the EzSnap server, you can’t store the screenshot locally.

EzSnap Toolbar Icon

After the installation the program sits in your toolbar. When you first launch the program, you’ll be asked to create an account that allows you to view image history and stats online. After signup it creates a link of your screenshot automatically. EzSnap is in beta, you can’t expect full functionality at present, but it is worth mentioning here.

Download EzSnap

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