Sneak Peek Of realPlayer Cloud

realPlayer is one of the most popular and old media player. realPlayer is a media player cum streaming player in old days. After the launch various players in the industry realPlayer became less popular and neglected by people.

Recently Real Networks launched the realPlayer Cloud with a great come back, which is a cloud based media player. The best part of the realPlayer is facility of streaming and sharing videos privately. Basically the program offers local media library management, stream and downloading of Internet videos and private watching mode.

realPlayer Cloud user interface

The main intention of Cloud is simply for private sharing of videos. Normally we do this stuff on YouTube and other hosting services. realPlayer offers this feature in a complete private manor.

realPlayer can also used for access mobile apps and desktop clients. You can connect realPlayer with Roku TV Set-top box to access the private library. Initially realPlayer offers 2GB of cloud space upon signup, you can earn additional space by adding devices to your account.

You can buy additional space to store videos, with plans starting at $4.99 for 25GB of storage space up to 300Gb. To avoid piracy realPlayer limited the desktop streaming for 15 minutes, for mobile devices there is no limit.

Overall realPlayer Cloud decent and works great, the company is looking forward to make a big impact on  the private video market.

Features of realPlayer Cloud

  • Move your videos easily between your computer and your smartphone or tablet. They are always correctly formatted for the device. You can even download videos to the device for offline use.
  • Watch your videos on your TV without connecting your computer. Access RealPlayer Cloud on your Roku or with Chomecast and see your videos on the big screen… no wires required.
  • Share videos of any length with family or friends without having to put it on Facebook or YouTube. Your friends don’t even have to create an account or download an app to watch your shared video.
  • Mobile devices now support RealPlayer Cloud. Move, share, and instantly watch videos on smartphones and tablets with any of these apps.

Visit realPlayer Cloud.

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