Trusko TB-A33 & TB-B11 Power Banks Review

No matter how power full battery you have in your device, upon continuous usage the juice will empty out. Portable battery packs are a life saver in some situations. They will feed you power hungry Camera’s, Smartphones and Tablets. Every day the market is flooding with ton’s of new battery packs of various sizes and capacity’s. Trusko is one of the external battery manufacturer in the market.

Trusko Power Banks

Today I’m reviewing two Trusko external battery’s TB-A33 & TB-B11. The TB-A33 capacity is 6600 mAh and TB-B11 is 4000 mAh powered. We are here to provide a quick review of both products so that you’ll know what to expect.

Build & Capacity

Battery Front


Made from the semi metal and plastic and looks decent in silver colour. TB-A33 is comes in silver and Black .The battery has a nice surface coating that doesn’t attract fingerprints and provides a solid gripping surface. The edges of the unit are rounded to make it easy to hold and keep in pocket, and it’s covered with a soft touch silver matte plastic. On the edge of TB-A33 you’ll find one 1A out, micro USB in and 1.5A output slots. On the front side there is a power on/off button present along with power capacity indicator.

TB-A33 Ports

The build quality and grip is same as TB-A33. TB-B11 comes in sky blue, pink, silver and black. The TB-A33 size measures roughly 7.5″ by 7.5″ and 2.2″cm thick and weighs 205gm. The package of TB-A33 comes in a simple white coloured box, inside the box you’ll find battery and micro USB white charging cable.

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TB-B11 comes in a size of 11.5″ by 6.5″ and 1″ cm thick and weighs 120gm. There are no buttons on the battery, just touch to switch on the battery. Or after connecting smartphone or any device to the battery it will automatically turned on.

TB-B11 Front Side

The package of TB-B11 comes in a simple white coloured box, inside the box you’ll find battery and micro USB white charging cable. The TB-B11 works fine with any iPhone, and I was also able to get it to power my Canon Camera with no problems.


I tested personally both power banks for 3 days. Both power banks Working perfectly with any iPhone, Samsung Smartphones and Blackberry’s. For complete charging TB-A33 takes 5 hours and TB-B11 take 3.5 hours to complete.


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