A Visual History Of Computers – Best Infograph

In this century humans made great effort to develop computers. The very first original programmable computer, COLOSSUS, was engineered exactly 70 years in December 1943. If you want to know the detailed history of computer lets take a look at Akita made – A visual history of Computers Infograph. This infograph shows brief history computer in a simple and detailed manor. Today we want to share the awesome infograph to our audience.

Visual history of computning by Akita

Thanks for Akita for providing such a descriptive and quick history of computer through a catchy infograph. Here they listed the most important step overs in the history of computing by listing the favorite inventions in the decade. Without explaining too much, the users could catch them to the mind with the beautiful representation. To be honest, we liked it.

View the interactive history of computing page here


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