Repairing Outlook Data Files With Expert PST Repair Program

For those who use Microsoft Outlook, issues have become a common occurrence. Resultantly the loss to data stored in PST files like emails, contacts, appointments, tasks, journals, to do list, calendars becomes so heightened that repairing damaged Outlook data files is a mandatory task. There are plenty of reasons for causing damage to PST files which a novice is unknown about. To get back, PST files in the healthy form one have to do right use solution with proper knowledge of drawbacks and advantages of the solutions you have decided to use.

Repair Outlook Files

Involve yourself in regular backup activity

If you have heard from somebody or of you have experienced PST file damage, then start taking regular backup. If you are doing this activity since the installation of Outlook, then you can provide yourself with the right help. Backup data will help you in restoring data back after a loss to PST files. Though this doesn’t correct the already occurred Outlook corruption, yes, it is sure that you can prevent your data from future corruption.

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Solutions to Fix Corrupt Outlook PST File

Inbox Repair Tool: As a PST repair program, you can take help from Microsoft’s Inbox Repair tool. This free of cost facility is not always proved helpful for repairing damaged PST files but is useful in few PST data loss situations like when minor problems are there with Outlook. It repairs PST file header and after that deleting anything which file doesn’t understand. In case, you have met with PST file header damage in the case of damage during version up-gradation; the tool can help you. Contrary to this, if data inside the PST file is badly affected, then Inbox Repair tool deteriorate the data left in the file.

Location of Inbox Repair Tool:

" C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\NT directory of any PC installed with Windows 2000 or Windows XP."

The file name of this facility is Scanpst.exe. Other Windows editions too have Inbox Repair tool, but the location is different in all the editions.

This facility has its downside which we cannot ignore because if you have met with other severe Outlook damage situations, then this solution is worth usable. If you think that there is no all rounder utility available for repairing damaged Outlook data files, then you are wrong because external applications are there to provide you more than required help. These solutions are equipped with abilities to deal with all the PST file damage scenarios.

Fix Corrupt Outlook PST File

For fixing the corrupted PST files, you can use online utility. There are many available for this purpose. You can use PCVITA Recover Outlook Software. It has capabilities to repair all the corrupted PST files quickly.

Zora Stalin is the author of this article in which she informs about issues happened in MS® Outlook and the solutions users usually utilizes without having right acknowledgment of the correct solution. For repairing damaged Outlook data files, Recover Outlook tool is a useful solution.

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    jolleyaida Oct 16, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Outlook Data files are file
    responsible for storage of user mailbox data. Sometime due to unusual
    activities by users like direct shutdown and many more make users Outlook PST
    corrupt. To repair corrupt PST it’s would be more beneficial to use perfect Outlook
    PST repair software like Stellar
    Phoenix Outlook PST repair software.

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