Say Good Bye To Bulky Scanners With airScan mobile PDF Scanner

Are you familiar with the office printers and scanners that take up space in the office and how some of them can carry nearly the same height as you? They are also slow, bulky and LOUD. Even worse, they break down about once a week and require the assistance of a helper in which you end up having to call a toll-free number, the customer service representative keeps you on hold for an hour, and then they tell you that you have to wait three days before the serviceman can get to your office! How would you react if I told you that I had an option for you to remove totally that bulky piece of stubborn plastic from your local?

I think it would be appropriate for you to start singing, “Happy belated Christmas to me!” Guess what. You can send that pesky and annoying piece of computerized plastic to the recycling bin because now you can scan all of your documents from the convenience of your own iPhone.

airScan mobile - PDF Scanner

Yes, you heard me correctly. You can replace that annoying, bulky scanner with you teeny tiny iPhone. Neuone, LLC has created the app called, “AirScan Mobile” that enables you to scan an array of documents and convert them into PDF or JPG files. You can then save them to your Dropbox, Skydrive, GDrive, iCloud or any other storage locale of your preference. You can also share them via E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

Did you recently tie the knot and would like a more secure option in preserving your marriage license? Scan the document with you iPhone and just choose which format to convert it to and save it to your Dropbox or iCloud. It is that easy. The app also allows for you to build multi-page files and multiple folders for easier access and optimal organization.

Did you just purchase your first car and would feel more comfortable with having a backup storage unit for your documents that no fire can destroy? This can be easily achieved! Take the time to scan all of those important documents: the financial papers and warranty details! Once you have scanned them with the super intelligent AirScan app, convert them to PDF format and save them to your iCloud or Dropbox. There, they will be forever stamped and protected. Suddenly, the fear of losing those important papers doesn’t seem quite as frightening anymore.

Better yet, has your child written his/her name for the first time? You are just dying to find a way to use the new AirScan app! Available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, you can use AirScan Mobile app to share sentimental documents with friends and family via social networking! Scan the document with the app and convert to a JPG format. Use the auto-enhancing and cropping to prepare your image for all to see! This is an exciting time, after all! Then, share it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

There are multiple ways in which this app can bring you joy in the year 2014. Not only can it bring you much convenience but it can also bring you many memories.

Download airScan Mobile – PDF Scanner From Google Play.

Download airScan Mobile – PDF Scanner From Apple Store.

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