Anvisoft Cloud System Booster Review & Giveaway

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster Review & Giveaway

Developed by most popular Anvisoft, Cloud System Booster is a powerful system performance booster that offers one stop optimization tool for your Windows machine. Anvisoft Cloud System Booster literally add a new life to your PC. It cleans your system registry errors, cleans disk, optimizes, repair PC, uninstall unwanted programs, boosts RAM, unwanted toolbar remover and boosts system startup speed.

Upon launch, it starts with simple and decent user interface. The main user interface carries Windows metro styled system optimization tabs.

  • Registry Cleaner
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Optimizer
  • PC Repair
  • Quick Care

Anvisoft Registry Cleaner

When you click on the first tab i.e Registry Cleaner, it thoroughly scans for invalid Registry Data, ActiveX COM/DLL errors and Registry Junk. When the scan process finishes. it lists down all the attention required problems. Simply click on the clear tab to complete cleaning process.

Anvisoft Disk Cleaner

The next tab is Disk Cleaner, when you click on it opens the cleaning user interface. Click on Start Scan to clean the applications, invalid shortcuts, junk files, Internet explorer unwanted files like cache, history and typed URL’s. The scanning and cleaning speeds are very fast accurate.

Anvisoft Optimizer

Next, optimizer includes various features like disk sharing, USB auto play, configuration optimization, Network Boost, Startup Boost.

Anvisoft PC repair

PC Repair section carries options like major security concerns and privacy fixes. It simply removes the malicious plugins and registry errors. It is also capable of Internet Explorer repair, it repairs IE from registry errors, Home page restoration, Network Protocol restoration and title bar restoration.

Anvisoft Quick Care

The last tab in the main user interface is quick care, when you click on it it quickly scans all above discussed categories in one click.

Anvisoft GB File

GB File helps you find and remove any potentially unwanted large file installed on local disks to efficiently speed up PC along with saving your hard drive space.

Anvisoft Account

The best part of the software is cloud sync. It lets you to create an account in Anvisoft cloud servers, after you signup enter your login credentials in the software. With the help of Cloud System Booster to get your personalized settings synchronously updated for better usage. It connects to your online cloud database in real time to serve you with better performance and maintenance.


Anvisoft Cloud System Booster is one of the best system cleaner and optimizer we have came across. It is packed with fully functional features, we tested on Windows 8 64Bit version.


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