Best Gaming Consoles To Buy This New Year

Like gaming? You’ll love this year’s offers! Companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Valve have all hit the market with impressive new products recently, so if you’re looking for the best gaming consoles to buy this year, you’re in the right place. This article will provide a quick rundown of three of the most popular consoles of the moment: Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Steam Machine.


Sony PlayStation 4

You cannot mention the term “console” without thinking about Sony’s PlayStation consoles. Having reached its fourth generation, the PlayStation is one serious player, and it is here to stay. The current version comes with updated hardware that allows it to run new games with truly impressive graphics, at Full HD resolutions. To achieve this performance, Sony incorporated some serious horsepower into the PlayStation 4, opting for an 8-core AMD processor, quad-core AMD Radeon graphics processing unit, 8 GB of GDDR5 memory and a 500 GB hard-drive that’s user-upgradable.

The controllers of the PlayStation 4 also got an impressive upgrade, incorporating a 3-axis gyroscope and a 2-point touchpad, while retaining the physical aspect of the previous generations of controllers. This means that switching from an older version of PlayStation to the PlayStation 4 will be a seamless process that won’t require a lot of accommodation, allowing you to get right in the game.

Buy PS4.


Xbox One

In the green corner we have Microsoft’s Xbox console, which also got an awesome upgrade recently. The Xbox is similar to the PlayStation 4 in terms of hardware – 8-core processor, 8GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive; however, the graphics processor of the Xbox One is less powerful than PlayStation’s, and the type of RAM differs (DDR3 in the Xbox One vs. GDDR5 in the PlayStation 4). This shouldn’t be much of a deal-breaker, though, as games still run fluently on this console as well.

The controllers of the Xbox One are not very different from the controllers of the previous generation, the Xbox 360, the only notable differences being the upgraded directional pad and the addition of two independent motors that provide some interesting feedback. However, the Xbox One has one major advantage over the PlayStation: Kinect. Even though PlayStation also has its own equivalent for the Kinect, it is far from being as friendly and seamlessly integrated as the Kinect, so if you’re a fan of sports games and also want to do some exercises while playing on your console, the Xbox One is the way to go.

Buy Xbox One.

Steam Machine

Steam Machine

If the name “Steam Machine” doesn’t ring any bells to you, it’s maybe because it’s a new player on the market, and quite an interesting one, we might add. Developed by Valve, the company that created the famous first-person shooter Half-Life, the Steam Machine is a hybrid between a gaming console and a gaming PC. Its aim is to combine the easily-accessible easily-upgradable and fairly cheap PC hardware with an interface that makes it more intuitive to use on a big screen TV and, last but not least, with an innovative controller – the Steam Controller.

What’s interesting about the Steam Machine is that the actual machine can be built by pretty much anyone – Valve didn’t impose any restriction in this matter, they only provide the operating system and their innovative controller. The opportunity seemed quite attractive to manufacturers, the proof being the Steam Machine created by Alienware, which is about the same size and price of one of the above consoles, but boosts up a far more impressive hardware configuration.

Since it is a new product, only time will tell whether Steam Machines will be a hit or miss, but all the clues available to this point indicate that console giants Sony and Microsoft should be scared so if you’re the early-adopter type, a Steam Machine is definitely an option you should consider.

Drawing the line, there’s no right choice or wrong choice here, just the right choice for your needs. What will it be?

The article is written by a regular blogger and guest writer Christopher Austin. He is a gaming enthusiast and love to play newest games. His most favorite site for online gaming is Army Games 365where he gets lots of army games to play and feel the warmth of war.

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