iGearUnlimited iPad Mini 2 Flip Turn Case-Review

Today, I was lucky enough to review latest iGearUnlimited iPad Mini 2 Flip Turn Case. After the launch of new iPad’s every case manufacturer want to make a perfect case. iGearUnlimited iPad Mini 2 Flip Turn case is one of them. We’ve seen plenty of cases with attached keyboards and lids. iGearUnlimited is a strong flip case made durable polycarbonate hard shell for your iPad Mini 2.

iGear Box

Personally I prefer to use iPad as a portable gaming machine and personal note taker cum email sender. But the iPad Mini screen size is small to type emails and notes. With the help of iGearUnlimited iPad Mini 2 Flip Turn you can easily type very long emails and notes.

iGear Closer Look

The evaluation sample of the Flip turn case was sent to me in the standard black-on-black colour edition which sells for $69.

iGearUnlimited 180

Build & Design

The idea is simply straight forward. It is a perfect case with attached keyboard and rotates to tun it into a laptop, movie player and ultimatley tablet. The case is smart enabled, waking or sleeping is working perfectly like any other smart covers behaves.

iGear Open

It’s not waterproof, however as there are open areas for the cameras, audio jack and speakers. The all buttons are accessible easily, ensuring that your device is covered from all angles.  We are impressed with the grip and durability, perfect for people who frequently drop things with their iPads.

We are genuinely impressed with the way it manages power for wireless keyboard and protection to the iPad. You can connect the keyboard to your iPad wirelessly using Bluetooth. The case itself have an on/off switch for keyboard.

iGear Side Look

You’ll only need to do this the first time round, each subsequent time, as soon as you switch on the keyboard, your iPad will pick it up, enabling you to get started instantly. For the first time, recharge the keyboard for at least 2-3 hours.

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iGear Keyboard


It has 5 rows and have special buttons for virtual keyboard, select all,copy, paste, cut, previous, Play/pause, next, Mute, Volume+, Volume- and Lock screen. Like normal keyboard you can access the special keys using “fn” button. The keys are well placed and square in shape. The pressing mechanism of key is smooth and noise free.



iGearUnlimited Flip Turn Case is compatible with both iPad Mini and Mini 2.


If you are looking for a good looking, durable, multiple angle supported wireless keyboard for your iPad Mini or iPad Mini 2 the iGearUnlimited Flip Turn is for you.

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