5 Must Haves For Business And IT Security

There are few definite things which IT manager and enterprise CIO must do to strengthen their IT security and data access policy.  It is imperative that business owners don’t treat their information security as their little health troubles (which are often ignored) as that can lead to losing of thousands of dollars, reputation, and customer/proprietary information going into wrong hands. Below are 5 pointers which should be incorporated into any business dealing with information.

Business Security

  • Authentication and Authorization: The Information access management (IAM) will be an important concern with hundreds of information breaches being reported each year. The corporate compliance also becomes a major global issue requiring a greater need for providing employee credentials and access rights according to one’s job title, status and ‘need to know’ information required to complete their tasks. Once employee leaves, their access needs to be evoked to guarantee that they don’t misuse their alumni status.
  • Website Blocking and Filtering: Today Google has become a verb and Internet the place to be when executives have a question, doubt or need inspiration. However instead of working, often employees can be seen busy on other nonwork activities like surfing the web for personal information, accessing social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, watching and playing games, online gambling, YouTube, Netflix and even watching web porn. Website filtering is an uttermost essential to combat employee time theft, and to maintain office decorum.
  • Employee Desktop Monitoring: Today desktop monitoring tool is the way to keep an eye on live employee activities since no employee likes to have managers on their shoulders. The management style over the years has changed where managers have bigger and better role than just to be secret eye over other’s shoulder! Monitoring employee patterns, a scope of abuse/breach and work completion is possible with monitoring employee’s activities.
  • Local Network Monitoring: It is common to have a network of PCs and a network of people working on them at places like schools, colleges, computer labs, school & district intranet, government network, corporate intranet, data entry centers etc. Imagine if everybody was free to do whatever they intended to do on your network, it would result in anarchy. A robust LAN monitoring will allow you to perhaps do all the three above which is filer websites, chat applications/tools, provide you with live desktop monitoring such as their keystrokes, files/folders, simultaneous screens, temporary history and recent documents among few.  A good network user monitoring will log user activities their website searches, applications executed, chat/IM conversations, file activity and emails. Some of the employee network monitoring also provides with administrative tools for performing remote commands.
  • Employee Information Awareness and Training:  Your employees are the best investment you can make and that is why they need to be trained on information usage and right storage ways such as classifying documents. Informing them about the acceptable policies is a must and so is keeping your staff up to date on current happenings. Information safety is not a one-time fix however an on-going process. Invest in network monitoring tools like Net Orbit which will make employee monitoring easy and your network safe!

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