NanWick Is A Perfect Uninstaller To Easily Remove Second Windows OS Installation

Some people prefer using dual operating systems in their machines. We can install Windows 8 along with Windows 7. What would you do if you want to remove one operating system completely without intact other. NanWick Windows Uninstaller is a perfect solution to remove second Windows operating system without intact other.

NanWick Uninstaller Main user interface

Download the program and install it. The program is very light weight, it sizes only 162kb. Once the installation completes open it. After the launch click the scan button to scan the drives containing operating systems. After detection, it shows the list of drives hard drives containing OS. From the list you can select the drive from which you want to uninstall operating system.

After clicking on desired hard drive it will taken back to main UI. Here click on the Uninstall button to start the process. It will take several minutes to uninstall OS, it depends on your machine speed. After removing OS it will pop up a success dialog box, here simply restart the system.

I tested this tool personally, NanWick is a very useful tool to remove unwanted operating systems from your PC easily. It works on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download NanWick Windows Uninstaller.

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