Clean, Optimize, Protect And Manage Windows Easily With YAC

If you’ve been using the system which hasn’t been scanned in a long time then it might contain tons of unused files, registry files, browsing histories, and cookies. YAC (Yet Another Cleaner) is one free powerful tool to clean up and protect your system from all types of unwanted files and viruses.

Yet Another Cleaner Protection

Yet Another Cleaner Protection

YAC is designed to keep your PC clean and healthy. The user interface is simple and easy to understand. The left panel contains all the cleaning, protection and managing tasks. It has main tasks including Health Check, Protection, Plug-in-Manager, Virus detection, quick scan, deep scan, system boost, software manager and Network monitor.

YAC Floating Window

YAC Floating Window

YAC shows floating Window on the desktop to monitor programs that occupies most memory and program that occupies most bandwidth. You can also access all available tools from system tray icon.

I personally tested the software and found satisfactory results, really YAC is yet another windows cleaning program to clean your PC effectively at free of cost.

Download YAC (Yet Another Cleaner).

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