Top 20 Windows 8 Themes To Make Your Desktop Visually Super Cool

Sick and bored of default Windows 8 themes? we are here to showcase some super cool third-party Windows 8 themes to transform your Desktop. Windows always offer ton’s of customization options. In Windows 8 like previous versions you can change icons, apply wallpapers & themes, gadgets and widgets and much more.

Why third-party Windows 8 theme?

When it comes to Windows 8 Microsoft has changed so many appearance tweaks and color options. But most of the users are not happy with the Windows 8 default appearance.

If you are one of those and looking for a best Windows 8 theme for your desktop, here we selected 20 best third-party Windows 8 themes.

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Windows 8 Theme Installation Procedure

Before get started first you need to know how to install and apply themes. Unlike Windows 7 easy theme installation, Windows 8 has different theme installation procedure. You need to modify system files in-order to install a third-party Windows 8 theme. You can modify these system files easily with UltraUXThemePatcher. It is one of the best theme patcher with features like non-problematic installation, backup feature, fast easy and free.

Download UltraUXThemePatcher.


UltraUXThemePatcher Installing

UltraUXThemePatcher is a very light weight program, it sizes only 156kb. Installation takes less than a minute time. After the successful installation the program asks for system reboot. After reboot your system files will successfully modify and ready to accept a third-party Windows 8 theme files.

Best Windows 8 Themes List To Transform Your Desktop

1. Base for Windows 8 and 8.1


A dark style theme for windows 8 with minimal design and functions. The icons will be also adjusted as per the theme configurations.

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Download Base.

2. Elune by neiio

Windows 8 Elune Theme by neiio

A modern theme with considerable changes to the interface. Some icons will be also tweaked and some windows may look different.

Download Elune by neiio.

3.Gray8 New Red

Grey8 New Red

A dark grey theme for windows 8 where all the windows and background will turn into a dark grey and foreground texts will turn white.

Download Gray8 New Red.

4. Win 8 Thrives


A simple whitish windows 8 theme with changes to the my computer window and other windows explorer parts. The icons are also altered.

Download Win 8 Thrives. 

5.Mild 8

Mild 8

Download Mild 8.



Download Vanilla Theme.



Download Snowy.



Download Work.



Download Minmal.



Download WhiteDior.



Download 8Look.

12.White Update

White Update

Download White Update.

13.Metro Luna

Metro Luna

Download Metro Luna.

14.Nite Smooth

Nite Smooth for Windows 8

Download Nite Smooth.



Download Exon.

16.Soft Glass 8

Soft Glass8

Download Soft Glass 8.



Download Ambient.

18.Gnomnit VS

Gnomnit VS

Download Gnomnit VS.



Download Gray8.

20.Abisso 2014 (dark theme Windows 8 and 8.1)

Download Abisso 2014 Dark Theme

Download Abisso 2014 Dark Theme.

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