Top 3 Android Apps And Widgets For Text Messaging

Texting messaging is not just a teenage phenomenon anymore. Text messaging is now a severe communication mode. According to different surveys text messaging is the most common usage of mobile phones across the globe.

Android users have the advantage of many free apps that are uploaded to the store – whereas iPhone and Windows phone don’t have that many options. With Android gaining more and more market share we’re probably going to see an influx of new messaging apps hitting the play store soon so what’s cool one minute, might be obsolete the next.

I have made a list of the unique and practical text messaging android apps and widgets. Here are my findings:


Hangouts Widget

This widget is an extension to Google’s Hangouts app. Hangouts are the default messaging app for Android KitKat 4.4. The Hangouts widget complements the app perfectly and makes the text messaging swift and easy. This innovative invention by the developers at XDA allows the user to pick up a message and place it on any desktop screen.

You can directly create and send messages from the widget itself as well. It is fast, easy and simple. It has a full-screen display, but a user can resize it to fit his liking. It is a free product which you can download directly on your phone but first you need to have Hangouts installed on your device.


SlideOver Messaging

SlideOver Messaging is the free version of the bigger app called Sliding Messaging Pro. The front end of the app consists of a tiny bubble-like shape that gets integrated into your default messaging system. Whenever you receive a message, the app is activated.

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The usage is very simplistic when you receive a message a bubble appears with your contacts profile picture. You can view, read and send texts directly via Slide over Messaging no matter what other app or screen you were in. You can easily access four of the last messages in a section that appears above the message text.  It has a clean design and an un-complicating look.

Light Manager

The light manager is a notification customization app. The brilliant thing about Light Manager is that you can choose colors and other display options for almost anything on your Android phone. You can customize your default SMS system, social media notifications, Facebook and Twitter alerts, missed calls, email alerts, incoming calls, alarm, and reminders – almost anything you can think about. Another benefit of this app is that you don’t have to turn on the phone screen to see if you have a notification or not. This helps a lot in battery timings, something Android users so vehemently complain of.


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