Why You Need To Conceal Your IP Address

Nearly all people believe that it is bad to conceal their IP addresses. They worry that they might appear like criminals since those who break the law online often make use of services that hide IP addresses. However, those who believe this are in a wrong mindset.

The reality is that concealing your IP address is not just completely legal, but it really is among the most effective methods for defending yourself from a significantly dangerous Internet.

Actually, there are lots of reasons you should hide your IP address, though below we will go over the five that the majority of standard users will benefit from.

What is My IP Address?

Well before any reasons are discussed, it is advisable to be sure you really know what an IP address is. An IP address is the special address of a computer on the web.

It will typically be made up of four numbers separated by periods. The figures stand for the domain, sub-network, network, and lastly the specific computer it is associated with.

Listed below are the reasons to conceal your IP address.

Reason #1: Protects You From Spammers

IP addresses are extremely crucial for online spammers who want to find out all of your personal information and financial date.

More and more people use their computers and the Internet for numerous financial dealings, many of them relatively huge.

Spammers will always be trying to find your personal financial details in order to rob you.

You definitely will sleep a lot better at night with the knowledge that your IP address is not simply out there for just anyone to easily find and make use of for their own benefit.

Reason #2: Prevent Spyware

By covering up your IP address, you’ll have the ability to protect yourself from the dreadful spyware. The majority of us frequently download files on the web.

Several webmasters add spyware in such downloads to ensure that everyone who downloads the software or documents installs spyware as well.

Reason #3: Personal Security

Concealing your IP address will allow you to browse the net anonymously which has several benefits to you for both your own personal protection and security in general.

Reason #4: Avoid Advertisements

The next reason is that you can successfully prevent pop-up promotions on your personal computer. They are the ads that appear everywhere when you visit particular sites.

They may be extremely annoying and bothersome, and also waste your time when you are on a limited schedule to locate information and go forward. Hiding your IP address successfully handles this bothersome issue.

Reason #5: Keep Watchers Out

The most significant reason as to why you may want to hide your IP address will be to protect yourself from individuals who are constantly keeping an eye on your online routines and web activities.


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