Measure Carbon Dioxide Levels In The Air With NODE CO2 Sensor

Pollution is everywhere, especially air pollution is drastically increased in recent years. The former employee of U.S Department of Homeland security George Yu proposed a project in KickStarter to raise funds create awesome gadget called Node+CO2.

NODE + CO2 is a sensor module which works with Smartphone and Cloud servers to detect Carbon Dioxide levels in the air. NODE + CO2 works on gases spectral balance wave length. It measures the CO2 quantity in the air with the amount of infrared absorbance of spectral absorbance in certain wave length.

Next it digitizes the data and transmits to the Smartphone or tablet. The battery life lasts for about half a day. If the smartphone or tablet is temporarily unavailable it can store data.

Node supported devices

At present the latest module compatible with Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note and Tab, HTC One, Google Nexus 4, 5 and iOS devices like iPhone 4S,5,5C,5S, iPad 3 and iPad Mini.

The project has successfully funded with a pledged goal of $25,000. The company is planning to ship the gadget in April 2014.

Visit KickStarter Page.

Visit Official Node+CO2 Site.

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