What Is Airplane Mode In Smartphones & Tablets

What would you do when you want to cut all wireless communications on a smartphone or tablet without switching off the device. Simple way is using Airplane mode option in your device. Airplane mode disconnects all the wireless communications like 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi in your device with a single click.

It can stop all the data activities on your device like sending and receiving SMS, MMS and Calls, data services, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and location based services. Still you can access all device games, apps in offline mode. Airplane mode is also known as flight mode or offline mode.

Reason behind Airplane Mode option

People mainly use Airplane mode in flights because the Airplane authority don’t allow the usage of wireless connections. The mobile phone signals can impact the guidance and navigation systems on the aircraft by conflicting the signals, which can cause the very dangerous impact on aircraft operation. This is the main scientific reason behind avoiding wireless communications on aircraft’s.

At present mobile and tablet users are mostly using two major mobile platforms, one Android and other is iOS.

Enable Airplane Mode Android

How to turn on Airplane Mode in Android

Turning on Airplane mode option in Android is very easy. Simply go to Menu->Settings->Under Wireless & Networks section click on->More. Here look for the “Airplane mode” option and tap on it to activate.

Or you can directly turn on/off by clicking on option in control center.

Enable Airplane Mode iOS

How to turn on Airplane Mode in iOS

Go to settings, you should see Airplane Mode in the top of the menu. Tap on to turn on.

In both Android and iOS platforms when you activate Airplane mode you can see a small airplane icon on the top of the screen. However, some modern technology enabled flights like Delta are offering free WiFi to their passengers. Although, follow the instructions provided by the Airplane authority to have a safe journey.

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