Change Your Android Wallpaper Automatically & Frequently With Bitmado App

When you buy a new Android phone it is fun to play with Wallpapers. A wallpaper may brought in excellent eye candy to your eyes and refresh your mind. But changing wallpaper is a time taking process, first you need to download and set as wallpaper every time when you want to apply it.

Bitmado Wallpaper Shuffle

Bitmado is a simple app which is a shuffling wallpaper engine for your Android device. To get started simply install the app and login with your Facebook or Google+ account. Simply choose your Wallpaper and upload to the mix, people find them and upvote them. It starts shuffling and applies different wallpapers to everyone devices that uses Bitmado app.

Little bit confusing, but when you get started using this app you will definitely love to use it. This app will stay forever in your Android because the app is such easy to use and refreshing. The wallpaper database is literally endless and addicting with various categories like nature, urban, streetart and animals.

You can easily set the time frequency to shuffle wallpapers on your Android.

Personally I believe Bitmado is a must have app for every Android user who loves to set beautiful wallpapers on Home Screen.

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