Data Recovery For Windows Hard Drive – Not A Crucial Task!

Hard drive alternatively also known as the hard disk drive is the only source in the computer where user’s data get stored. In the other words, hard disk abbreviated as HDD is the computer’s main storage media device that permanently stores all data on the computer. A hard drive is a mechanical device, which includes magnetic platters to store the data and a motorized spindle spins the platter. A read and write arm moves across the platters for retrieving information or putting down new data.

Most of the PC’s come from the factory with a single partition on their hard drive, means it shows only one drive in the computer Window as C drive. Keeping data and application on the same partitions can be risky because if something happens to the partition’s index file, the system won’t be able to boot up from that drive.

Partitioning of hard drive explains your computer to treat portions of that drive as separate entities. If user has kept system and apps on a partition separate from user data, it will be easy to create the backup.

Causes Of Data Loss In Hard Drive

A hard drive is partitioned into different data areas to ensure better data management. Disk Management is an extension of the Microsoft Management Console that allows full management of the disk-based hardware recognized by Windows. Disk management allows the user to create, delete and move these hard drive partitions. The disk drivers use some specific valid partition types. But sometimes, the user observes an unknown partition type present in Windows based system.

The hard drive has two types of failures which lead to data loss in a hard drive: mechanical failures and non-mechanical failures.

  • First, let us talk about mechanical errors: if any of the hard drive’s mechanical part fails, the whole drive will fail. Circuit boards, spindle motors, ball bearings any of these parts of the hard drive is susceptible to failure. The worst among them is known as a head crash. In this case, the read and write head drops down directly into the platter and scrape away the magnetic material. The data, in that case, is total, permanently lost.

Other mechanical failures can be both curse and a blessing. Curse it is a curse because it can be expensive to get replacement parts and find someone who can make the repair. It can be a blessing because, as long as the platters weren’t damaged, the data is there. If the drive is not running again, the data should be accessible.

  • The Other concern Is Non-mechanical failures: Computers uses a special index and file structure to read all the files stored on the disk. If in case this index becomes corrupted, the computer won’t be able to see or read the data, even though it’s still there.    

To solve such problems, a user is required to perform a clean installation of Windows OS. You should check your data backup status to restore the lost information, which if found to be invalid compels you to use hard drive recovery software.

Recover Windows Data Perfectly!

Hard drive data recovery software is developed to render user a facility of recover data from deleted, formatted, inaccessible hard drives effectively. The Windows Data Recovery Software is helpful to the user for recovery of huge sized and permanently deleted data from the hard drive as well.

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