How To Convert Mac Outlook 2011 To Outlook 2010 Windows

If system screen shows a different error message. For better understanding consider the following scenario “suppose you are trying to transfer emails and contacts data from MAC Outlook 2011 to MS Outlook 2010, but whenever you does so, system screen pops up following error message which barred users from transferring data.

The message that appears on screen is The file <path>.olm is not an Outlook data file (.pst).

In the following segment, users can come across why the following error message occur on screen and how you can overcome such issue. But before that, one should clear their concept of what is Outlook MAC, and Outlook for Windows is.


  • Outlook MAC 2011: Outlook 2011 for MAC is the latest version of the MS Office suite for MAC operating system. MS Outlook MAC 2011 interface is much more similar to the MS Office 2010 and 2007 also of the ribbon. It is said that MAC Office 2011 is designed with the robust support of enterprise and one of the featured based application when it is compared to office Windows edition. Outlook MAC support macros of visual basic for application prior developed MAC office 2008 edition doesn’t support macros. Most of the people work with the Office for MAC as because it supports collaboration tools such as SkyDrive and Office Web Apps, which help MAC users to edit multiple documents online. Support retina displays of Apple high-density which allows sharp display with accurate text and images. It support Cocoa API and support Exchange 2007 fullest and supplants Entourage.

  • Outlook 2010: Outlook 2010 is a part of Microsoft Office suit and it is well known as personal info manager often it is used as an email application which is developed with the different features like calendar, task manager, note taking, contact manager, journal, etc. It is a standalone application, once installed in users can work with the MS Exchange Server and MS SharePoint server for multiplier number of users. For example, users can share mailboxes, calendars, Exchange public folders, meeting schedule, SharePoint lists. The user can also integrate third party application with the Outlook such as BlackBerry phone and Skype for communicating overseas. If users want to create their software, then they can do so by using MS Visual Studio, and if users want to sync Outlook data with Windows Mobile, then they can do with Outlook Mobile.

Why Users Need To Discover How To Convert Outlook 2011 To Outlook 2010

There are several reasons because of them users need to convert MAC Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2010, such as MAC Outlook version doesn’t support email merge as well as cannot categories contacts in the global address book, as such no reliable search function and when it comes to rules it is practically useless. As well as MS Office for MAC doest developed with features of One Note either it is compatible with any CRM products developed by Microsoft. Users who want to keep in touch with their client cannot connect with MAC office as it doesn’t support any social networks nor keeps a history of interaction with clients.

How To Convert Outlook 2011 To Outlook 2010 Even If It Is Headed With Error Message

It is well known that MS Outlook is developed with such algorithm that doesn’t support .olm data files. Despite it, there are several methods which help users in transferring data from MAC Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2010. All these methods required MS Exchange Server installation.

  1. Sync data with MS Exchange Server

Users can choose the named method if the mailbox is situated on the Exchange server and Windows Outlook is capable of accessing the data. You can follow the method by connecting Windows with the Exchange Server by following Cached Exchange mode or online mode.

  1. Export data from Exchange to Outlook PST file

Export-Mailbox shell cmdlet can be used from MS Exchange PowerShell as to export mailbox data to PST Outlook file.

If you are facing any issue during manual conversion then you can go with SysTools OLM to PST Converter, It will provide easy steps to convert emails from Mac Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2010.


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