What To Expect In Apple iPad Mini 3

Apple is a technology giant in creating and launching iPhone’s and iPad’s every year with updated features. This year 2014 Apple will definalty launch next version of iPad Mini i.e iPad Mini 3. I named iPad Mini 3 because I’m stick with Apple’s naming culture.

Here are the list of features I want to see in the next version of iPad Mini model in 2014.


Free Cloud Storage Option with Apple Account

Like Android tablets getting free 50GB of free cloud space on purchase of selected smartphones and tablets, I’am also expecting free iCloud storage option with purchase of iPad.

Apple Fingerprint Touch ID Sensor

Fingerprint Touch ID Sensor

After the launch of iPhone 5S with finger print touch ID sensor for authentication, I’m expecting Touch ID fingerprint sensor in next version of iPad Mini. The multi user support with Touch ID is a great feature I want to see in iPad Mini 3.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is the future for all mobile devices. It is not a magic or geeky word after the launch of various wireless charging supported devices including Google Nexus series of devices and tablets. No need to plug the charger to the power socket and phone. It simply charges the device after placing on it. Introducing the wireless charging support for iPad’s and iPhone will add more consumer friendly nature and simplifies your life.


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