Mistakes That Are Too Common Among WordPress Bloggers

While it s a proven fact that WordPress is the pantheon of all the Content Management Systems, and when you are starting a blog, there is no better choice than WordPress to host it on, there are also some glaring errors that you need to steer clear of.

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The blogging experts will tell you things about how WordPress has helped them boil their blogs with incredible attributes and helped them built websites that have gained popularity solely on their responsiveness and visual appeal. What they might forget to tell you is that they have, at one time or the other, fallen prey to some silly errors which they could have easily avoided. These minor blunders may seem, well, minor, what when unattended, they pave a way for technological disasters.

So here are the most common mistakes made by WordPress bloggers, which in all likelihood, you must avoid:


Not updating their WordPress theme

No matter if WordPress is screaming loud enough through its clear-cut message on your dashboard that you need to upgrade your theme to the latest version, you just won’t listen! It is very important to keep updating your theme whenever the theme creators launch an update. Updates help your site work with greater seamlessness, and remove all the patchiness. Moreover, there are loads of hackers out there trying to break into different websites. The upgrades make sure that the algorithms of your site are equipped with enough firepower to protect your website against any such attempts.

Not alarmed by the slow loading times of their website

And I fail to understand why. I have sleepless night whenever I see a page on my website taking ages to load, and make sure to determine any reason responsible for it. Slow loading times are nothing new on Internet, and there are reasons afflicted by us only. When we have installed way too many plugins that are eating up most of the resources and causing the servers to crawl whenever your website is being accessed, your visitors will experience achingly non-responsive website surfing. And this is where the bounce rates leap to new heights. So, only for the health of your site’s traffic, install those extra plugins. Besides, Google doesn’t like slow websites, if that may convince you to get going. Even if you have deactivated a plugin, that doesn’t mean it won’t have any effect on your site. Its files are still stored in the WP folder, and affecting your site’s speed.

Tweaking the Editor files

Are you a programmer of sorts? And are you sure you are a darn good programmer? If answer to either of the questions is negative, why on earth would you be fooling around with the Editor files on your WP folder. Folks with no knowledge of codes should not even bother opening these, unless they have a reliable developer in close vicinity. Simply go to your FTP settings and make these files Unwritable so that whenever a novice tries to use his non-existent expertise with those PHP files, he can’t save the settings.

Not Letting Search Engines Index Your Site

Granted, Google gives you this facility, but why would you want to use it, and for what? The best chance your website has of receiving organic traffic is through search engines like Google, why would you like to blow that chance up. Unless your website contains plagiarized content at every length and breadth, and you do not want Google to glaringly point it out, there is absolutely no reason convincing enough to make you opt for no-index option.


Being too cautious with Plugins and not installing them at all 

yes you have been warned against it, bt you have to draw the line somewhere. When we say do not install too many plugins, we mean you can install few of them. In fact, you must install few relevant plugins on your WordPress site to let it extend beyond its standard functionality. There are several important plugins like plugins for enabling firewall, anti-hacking capability on your site, for typography, for embedding social media buttons, for enabling comments through Facebook, for giving a better design to your theme, etc. So, while there is way too much to choose, contemplate on what you actually need and let it add to your website’s features.

Getting caught up in the excitement is easy with WordPress. While you are at it, do not forget to focus on essentials.

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Peter Milar is an expert wordpress developer at Xicom, a wordpress development company based in India. he has been in this industry for five years and loves all things wordpress & technologies related.

Peter Milar is an expert wordpress developer at Xicom a wordpress development company based in India. he has been in this industry for five years and loves all things wordpress & technologies related.

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