Top 10 Free Bathroom Design Software For iPad

Gone are the days when designing a bathroom is tricky and requires you to work only on your desktop. Now, there are bathroom design software applications available that architects, interior designers, and ordinary people can use for free on their iPads.

We have listed and reviewed ten of the most popular applications under this category for your reference.

10. Virtual Interior Design

Virtual Interior Design is a free software application that you can use for designing your bathroom and other parts of your home.

You can use this program to create a new bathroom design or to remodel your existing bathroom. All you have to do is take a picture of the room you wish to remodel or renovate. With your iPad, you can then experiment how to arrange the fixtures in your actual bathroom.

9. Mark on Call

With an easy-to-use interface, Mark on Call is another useful software application for bathroom design. Using a picture of your existing bathroom, you can redesign or redecorate it using this software. In addition to that, it also has a showroom of objects that you can use for designing a room.

8. Home Design 3D

Designing any room within a house can be easy and quick using Home Design 3D. This software application has extensive features that allow you to make, design and redecorate any room including your living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It has features for making room layouts and floor plans, reshaping a room, and changing its orientation among other important functions in designing a bathroom.

It also has a huge collection of objects which you can simply drag and drop if you want to incorporate them into your design.

7. Room Planner

Another software application ideal for designing bathrooms is Room Planner. This free program lets you make realistic 3D models of any room using your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

With this application, it is easy to make floor plans and design a bathroom room complete with doors, windows, furnishings and furniture. It has hundreds of materials, textures, 3D objects and colors that you can choose from.

6. Bathroom Styler App

Downloadable from the App Store, Bathroom Styler App is a free program specially made for designing bathrooms.

Bathroom Styler App allows users to create different bathroom styles through a variety of color choices and modular furniture pieces. It also allows you to create more than 30,000 bathroom designs with less effort.

5. Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design is an application that has one of the biggest collections of bathroom fixtures and accessories that you can use in designing and decorating a bathroom.

It will let you choose the furniture, color, and interior design to use. It has a simple user interface which allows you to create designs with ease.

4. Interior Design for iPad

Another application suitable for creating bathrooms and other types of the room is Interior Design for iPad. This app has user-friendly features that let you create any room design in less than ten minutes.

You can draw your plan in 2D, drag and drop objects, add or remove walls, and design the shape of your room. It has more than 3,300 objects that you can use in your design.

3. Room Design

Room Design is a bathroom design software that can render images in 3D to enable you to make more realistic designs. It also allows you to add objects, move walls, change the color of walls and ceiling, and create a floor layout among others.

2. My Dream Home Interior Design

If you like to design bathrooms using your iPad, My Dream Home Interior Design can be a good tool for you. This application has numerous features that allow you to make or recreate your bathroom with fixtures and objects like a pro. You can also browse its built-in photos to get inspiration for your designs.

1. Home 3D

Home 3D is an application with numerous features for designing and decorating bathrooms. With it, you can create a floor plan, select your desired layout, add furniture and fixtures, and paint the walls.

You can experiment with different designs and even walk-through your design to have a better perspective of what it would be like in reality. This home design application is versatile and can be used by home-owners or professionals including architects.

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