Change Folder Colors In Windows Easily With Rainbow Folders

Do you want your Windows folders coloured to get organise them easily? Rainbow Folders is for you. Using Rainbow Folders you can change the folder colours pretty easily. It is a simple tool to differentiate the boring looking folders into coloured one’s.

Rainbow Folders Options

Simply download the zip file and extract them on desktop. Run the program file, in the first step its asks you if you want to integrate Rainbow Folders in the right-click context menu of folders. Integrating in the context menu will make your job much easier.

The application supports different icon styles like Classical, Typical and Modern. After selecting the folder style her you can set the folder color by customizing the Hue and saturation. You can also change multiple folders colors in a single click by clicking on the Multiple select box.

Overall, Rainbow Folders is very good program to customize your folder colours easily in Windows.

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