Turn Your Windows Phone 8 Into Retro Gaming Machine With These Apps

Old retro games slowly gaining popularity among latest smartphones and tablets. If you are a retro games lover and itching to play on your Windows Phone 8 ? We have come across a way to emulate retro games on you Windows Phone with these emulator apps.

These emulator comes with pretty decent controls, offers multiple import options for ROMs and allows users to customize audio/visual settings of games.

Purple Cherry

Purple Cherry GBC

Purple Cherry is a Gameboy Color emulator. Go to the Windows Phone apps downloads page, download and install Purple Cherry GBC. You can import games from a URL or from a SkyDrive folder.



MetroSpec is a complete package for WP 8. It offers games along with emulation capability. It the classic Spectrum 8-bit home computer. Relive the 80’s & early 90’s by playing the classics, on the 8-bit micro that, kick started the home computer boom.



Snes8x is a Super Nintendo emulator for Windows Phone 8. This program is free with no ad to support, and the emulator contains one game that is freely available.



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