How To Streamline Your After Hours IT Processes

Sometimes it can feel as though there are just not enough hours in the day. When you work in the service industry and people expect stellar service around the clock, this is particularly the case. It is physically impossible for a person to answer every customer query and process every client order 24 hours a day. But with a virtualized service, a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service is exactly what each and every kind of business can offer.

But how exactly can your business ensure that its business process outsourcing is completely streamlined and effective?

Appointment scheduling

There is no method of communication that is quite as effective as a face-to-face meeting, but getting around to scheduling appointments can be a challenge in our busy working lives. When somebody wants to call your office to schedule an appointment after working hours, this process can be completely managed using a business process outsourcing service that will take all of the hassle out of appointment scheduling and completely streamline it. Once implemented, your staff will also be able to focus on important work tasks instead of answering the phone to schedule meetings.


Having access to advanced analytics is key for a business that wants to streamline any process. Only with access to comprehensive data can a business determine where they are underperforming and make changes accordingly. Outsourcing IT processes to a third party specializing in your specific business needs can be extremely effective, but only with adequate reporting will you know exactly how the third party solution is performing. When you choose a business process outsourcing company, ensure that reporting includes data such as frequency of calls, duration of calls, and any other segmentation that is particularly important to your business.

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Processing payments

Customer facing retail businesses have the unique challenge of allowing customers to pay for goods and services at any time around the clock. Of course, there is the option of allowing customers to pay for goods online, but some people simply prefer to talk to another human being on the telephone when placing an order. Entrusting a business outsourcing process to a third party that can handle payments is a great way of improving your business offering. What’s more, an advanced solution could link this payment process into your existing system so that you do not have to deal with any new and complicated systems and so that you can keep payment processing completely streamlined within your business. All orders can be aggregated and emailed to the relevant employees immediately so that all after hours processes are reported even when there is nobody in the office.

Thanks to advanced business process outsourcing solutions, work can still be executed, customers can be listened to, and revenue can be generated at any time of the day – not only at the times when there are people in the office.


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