Remove Camera Shakes On Your iPhone Videos With Emulsio

No matter how much you take care when shooting a video with your iPhone, the resulted video would be definitely shaky. It happens to every iPhone user, surprisingly you can remove the shake from your video with Emulsio app.


The app reduces the shaky part of the video by enabling or disabling stabilization for each axis of the camera. After applying the effect you can compare the video difference by side by side.

Want to make your videos smoother and more professional? Emulsio is a video editing application that automatically removes camera shake, and lets you make cinematic motion just like professional movie editors.

The app can only change the recorded video shaky moments, it doesn’t capture the videos. The app comes in both free and paid version. In the free version, you can add stabilization only upto 30 seconds. The paid version unlocks the time limit and watermark.


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One of the many features of the iPhone that has endeared users to it over the years is the high-quality camera which it comes with. Shooting a video with the iPhone is easy, but the videos can get awry if the phone was shaking as at the time the videos were taken.

There are quite a handful of ways to remove camera shakes on iPhone videos easily. Let’s check them out.

Using Emulsio App

The Emulsio app is a very fantastic application that helps to remove camera shake from your iPhone videos. How does it work? The Emulsio app allows a user to enable and disable stabilization feature, control rotational camera motion, remove wobbling and use the stabilization slider feature to control shakes on the edges of the screen on a selected video. Using the app. You can also split the screen of the app so you can be able to compare what the video looked like before and after using the app. The free version limits the video time to 30 seconds and places a watermark on the images while the paid version which costs $2 removes those restrictions.

Download Emulsio here.

Using Windows Movie Maker

If you have the Windows Movie Maker software installed on your Windows PC, you can harness its video stabilization features to stabilize your videos.

  1. Launch the software, and then add the video from your iPhone you’d like to remove shakiness from.
  2. Select the video and the video tools icon will show up > then click “Edit”.
  3. Navigate to and click the video stabilization option > then choose either “Anti-shake and Wobble correction low” or “Anti-shake and Wobble correction high” or “Anti-shake”. Your video will be processed.
  4. When the stabilization process is complete, you can now replay your video to see if the shakes have been reduced to the barest minimum or eliminated completely.
  5. Using the iTunes app for Windows, you can send the video back to your iPhone.

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