3 Ways Content Writers Can Generate Income From

In this digital era, blogging has evolved to become much larger than just a past-time. On this date, top notch and most sought-after writers are hired to work with brands that operate in several domains. Be it an IT website or a real estate service provider, company of every kind needs writer to help it create a website that would represent it well on the Internet. 

Only when some good quality content is representing a website, can it make a reputable foray into the web world. Having an established presence on the Internet has become a must, and companies, irrespective of which realm of industry do they belong to, have to adopt this platform if they wish to catch the attention of audience from all spheres.

Content Writing

And it is not just writing content on blog sites of companies. Today, almost every brand has a number of social media pages, upon which they post content on a frequent basis. This is again where good quality writers come into the fray. The content writers can weave interesting and short snippets in order to ensure they look and sound catchy to the target audience. Ensuring intriguing content, they ensure that the content is liked and shared by the users among their friends.

Earning by Personal Blogs

It is not just the corporate blogs that add such importance to the concept. But bloggers also create elaborate websites by the means of which they earn good amount of money. Bloggers take the help of developers or learn working on CMSs like WordPress and Drupal to set up their own websites that would generate income for them. On these websites, once they gain popularity, they can use banner ads from providers like Google Adsense, Buy Sell Ads, etc. these ads work on concepts like Cost Per Click or Cost Per Thousand Impression. Also, apart from these services, if the website is ranked well on the Internet and it has huge traffic number to boast of, it can also display ads of particular brands. Let’s say Samsung wants to put ads on a website it feels it might get many clicks from. Samsung contacts the managers of these website and once the deal is finalized, they can display those ads.

They payment can be decided by various factors. Either the deal is about displaying ads for a specified duration for which Samsung would pay the website owner, or the payment is made on the basis of number of clicks and impressions the ads would get. Either way, it is a win-win situation for both the parties involved. In most cases, these types of ads fetch much more money than posting ads from networks like Adsense.

Service Websites

Content writers also have one more options at their behest.. they can start a website, advertising their  skills and their services. They can start a website centered around content writing services that can fetch hem projects. These websites have to be very formal and should have a corporate vibe writ all over them.

This is a great way to earn some money from freelancing. So, apart from creating your profiles on platforms like ELance, you can have your own portal on which you can promote yourself as a writer. If your site is professionally made, it would mean that you get a good leverage over your clients and you might get projects as well.

Blogging as a concept is vast. There are so many ways to earn if you happen to be an adept writer. You just need to show commitment and knock at the right doors.

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