Control Mac Media Apps On Your Android With mac.remote

There are quite few apps available on the market to control media programs on the Windows with iPhone and Android. mac.remote is an Android app that lets you control iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, QuickTime, MPlayerX, VLC, Keynote, iPhoto on your Mac.

Connecting the mac.remote app with your Android smartphone is very simple, both Mac and smartphones should be in the same WiFi network. To get username open the terminal and in the titlebar you’ll see your home icon along with your username. To get password open the System Preferences click on sharing. Here on the left side panel click on Remote Login, here you can read the IP number.

mac remote UI

The app user interface is very stylish and simple. The developer created this app to create a good looking user interface for Android and Mac users. You can easily play, pause, current track info, previous, next, rewind, fast-forward the media play on Mac. The app allows you to control multiple devices, without the need to re-enter each IP manually.

The app is in first version, there are lot more developments to come in future. If you are looking for a good looking Android remote to control media apps on Mac this app is for you. mac.remote is free for 5 days, later the app is ad-supported. You can pay to get rid of ads.



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