Magnificent Apparatus To Resolve Conversion Of MBOX to PST Hassles In Just Few Minutes

There is a majority of alternative email applications, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, and Opera Mini, which uses the MBOX file format for storing the user mailbox data into it. Many users prefer for MBOX to PST conversion because of certain reasons. But unfortunately, Outlook import capabilities do not support any inbuilt import option for MBOX to PST conversion.

MBOX Email Clients

Therefore, before transferring messages from one of these applications to MS Outlook, users first need to convert them into an array of .eml files, and after that EML files are imported into Outlook Express and finally OE files are easily exported into MS Outlook application. But manual method may not be considered as a magnificent apparatus to resolve conversion of MBOX to PST hassles in just a few minutes because it requires time and efforts.

Features Of Outlook Which Make User Prefer MBOX2PST Conversion

  • Strong And Effective Filters: MS Outlook offers filter option which helps a user in spam filtering and blocking phishing attempts. This helps a user to enjoy a safe email exchange process.
  • Easy Mail Organization Features: The features like snappy conversations and mail grouping, flexible search, smart folders, virtual folders, make the tasks of email organization easier.
  • Effective Integration Process: Various powerful integrated features like to-do lists, scheduling, and social networking updates help a user in easily link up with user favorite social networking services without the use of a social connector.
  • Manageability Of Multiple Accounts: Outlook allows a user to manage multiple accounts such as POP, IMAP, Exchange, MSN and Hotmail easily in managed way.
  • Message Management Offered: Filers are provided within the Outlook application which let a user organize easily, thread, and label email messages.

After considering the above-discussed features in Outlook, every user wants to utilize the benefits as they are not offered into MBOX supported email clients. For availing, the benefits conversion of MBOX to PST is needed which is not an easy process. Individuals cannot export MBOX emails into Outlook so; Outlook Express is used as a facilitator. This can be done easily with the help of IMAPsize. It is a compact and intuitive tool that permits the user to retrieve email via IMAP.

How To Convert MBOX Files Into PST?

  • Download IMAPsize.
  • Install it into a system.
  • Open Program > Tools > MBOX2EML.
  • Locate Thunderbird Files, select “Inbox”.
  • Choose your directory to store the converted files.
  • Click “Convert” button.
  • Drag EML files into the Outlook Express inbox Windows.
  • Open Outlook and move files from Outlook Express using import-export facility.

Since manual method does not guarantee any success ratio for conversion method of MBOX to PST and hence best is to adopt a third party tool. MBOX Converter software is a magnificent apparatus to resolve conversion of MBOX to PST hassles in just a few minutes. It supports the conversion of MBOX files into PST along with MSG and EML file formats.

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    dtemage1 Mar 17, 2014 at 11:37 am

    You can try MBOX to PST converter tool. This software provides two options for saving the converted files i.e. the user can either save the converted files in already existing PST or in a newly created PST. With this utility, the user can convert multiple MBOX files in a single conversion cycle.

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