How To Use Free Call Feature On Facebook Messenger For Android

Facebook has just launched the Free Call feature for its messaging app for Android. All you need to have is a Android smartphone with working internet connection 3G or WIfI and Facebook Messenger app installed on your device.

We already have ton of free messaging and calling apps available for Android. What makes Facebook Messenger special? Simple, Facebook has one billion active users. It becomes part of our lives, even my granny has a Facebook account. So you can find most of your buddies, colleagues and relatives on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Calling

To avail free calling feature app would let you select the phone number you would want to call to. I tested personally on my Note 2, the call quality is nearly very good. I used my 15Mbps connection to make a call to my friend with 3G connection. I didn’t faced any lags or disturbance during call.

FB Calling

To simply make a call go to chat screen of the particular user you wanted to call and then press on the options. Here you’ll see the Free Call option enabled. Click on the Free Call option to make a call. After ending the call Facebook asks to rate the call quality to improve their performance. The Free Call option will activate only for those who uses same Facebook Messenger app, the option will hidden for the Web users even they are online.Please share your Facebook Messenger Free Call experience in the below comment box.

Facebook Messenger.

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