Edit and Convert Videos Easily With Aimersoft Video Editor – Review

Everyone thinks that video editing requires a lot of attention and technical knowledge. Aimersoft Video Editor is a powerful and very simple to use video editing program for Windows and Mac. Aimersoft Video Editor allows you all the editing job you can do with a video. You can add effects, cut, join and split your video and can be saved into any video file format easily.

You may create videos using custom images, audio/video recordings, and sound files. It supports a huge set of file types, including popular formats, such as, AVI, MPEGs, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs.

Aimersoft Video Editor User Interface

The user interface of video editor spread out into three parts, the top part provides the ability to Import files, transitions and visual effects and the side part providing a preview of the video.

The lower half allows you to change video length and parts of the video that effects are applied to. Videos are added by clicking the Add File button, and you may add as many videos as you like.

After a project has been successfully edited, you can save it in multiple formats via the Save button.

Editing Options

For every video editor the editing options play a key role in judging the quality of the program. Undoubtedly the Aimersoft Video Editor carries almost all options required to edit video in a simple manner with professional output.

Video Effects

In between the upper and lower half’s you’ll see the effects part. It has Media, Text, Effect, PIP,Transition, Intro/Credit and sound options. In the media section, it shows the added images and video files.

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Aimersoft Text

The text section carries all the available text styles, you can simply add the desired text style by dragging the text in the below editing section. For your convenience you can add the text before, middle or ending part of the video.

Aimersoft Effects

The next section carries all the effects, like the same way in text section you can drag and drop the effects. After adding the video simply drag the desired effect on the bottom bars. You can add two effects simultaneously and any number of effects one after the other. To increase or decrease the time of the effect simply drag the effect length. To add two effects simultaneously, drag them both from the effects tab on to separate effect bars.

Aimersoft PIP

PIP (picture in picture) option allows you to add videos and images on default video. To change the PIP size, position, motion, mask and even apply some special effects to it by clicking Advanced option.

Aimersoft Transitions

Adding transitions will change the entire feel of your video. Aimersoft offers nearly 50 transition effects to the users. To add the effect simply click on the transition and double click on the desired one to add. For more professional look you can add the various transition effects when the scene changes in the video.

Aimersoft Intro Credit adding

Intro/Credit option helps you to add beautiful introduction and ending credits to your videos. Whether it is a birthday party, Hawaiian holiday or a retirement ceremony you can add suitable theme Intro/Credit to the video.

Add Audio

You can add voiceover and background sound to the video. To add the voiceover click on the Record button on the toolbar and open the Record Audio Windows. The program has some built in sound effects like Bell, Alarm, Cry, Drum, Trumpet, etc.

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Tilt-Shift, Mosaic, Face-Off and Jump Cut

One more fun option in the program is Tilt-Shift, Mosaic, Face-Off and Jump Cut effects. Clicking on the power tool button brings the effects applying interface.

Aimersoft Output Options

After finishing editing and adding effects, texts, transitions and Intro/Credits the only thing remaining is saving. Here comes the best part of the program, you can save the video file in various formats wise, device wise or you can directly uploaded it to YouTube or Facebook and finally you can burn the content on a DVD.

Input and Output Formats

MP4, FLV, AVI, VOB, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, MPG, MPEG, F4V, M4V (without DRM), TS, TRP, M2TS, MTS, ASF, DV, TP, DAT, WMV, MKV, NSV, TOD, MOD, EVO HD MPG (*.mpg), HD TRP (*.trp), HD TS (*.ts), HD QuickTime Movie (*.mov), HD MPEG-4 Movie (*.mp4), HD AVC MPEG-4 Movie (*.mp4), HD MPEG-4 Movie for iDVD (*.mp4), HD MPEG-4 Movie for iMovie (*.mp4) MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, etc.



  • Split a long video into multiple clips
  • Merge multiple videos into one file
  • Copy, paste and delete video segments
  • Remove/extract audio from videos
  • Crop videos to remove black borders
  • Rotate videos to correct orientation
  • Correct colors to enhance videos
  • Speed up and slow down videos
  • Compress videos for smaller file size


The program is nevertheless a highly convenient tool for video editing. For every individual who loves to edit videos to get professional looking results, Aimersoft Video Editor is a must try.

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Get Aimersoft Video Editor.

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