How OLX Has Grown The Free Classified Ads Market In India?

There is no doubt that free classified ads are getting immensely popular across the globe and also in India. In the last few years companies like OLX have done well and they have made buying and selling much easier over the internet. With the help of these classified sites buyers and sellers are able to track and post these ads on the web that allow them to find their favorite products and services in just a matter of few minutes. OLX remains the market leader especially in India as they have managed to make their market space grow in the last couple of years.


Right amount of marketing campaigns have also worked to the advantage of OLX that has come up with various television advertisements earlier. Some of the earlier TV ad campaigns that promote OLX have done well and many Indian buyers and sellers have tried it out. The TV ad campaigns have been positive and that is visible in the number of visitors that OLX site has been receiving. OLX has also come up with various online campaigns since they understand that many Indian buyers and sellers are now making use of internet technology to buy and sell their products and services.


OLX has been trying to gradually penetrate into the Indian market with their TV and internet campaigns. They have also come up with Follow us on YouTube where users can always stay connected to the new ads and information that they come up with. They have also come up with new marketing advertisements on the web so users can also watch their YouTube video if they are on the web. Hence, over a period of time OLX has tried to reach out to the Indian audience who would like to sell and buy their products and services in a better way.

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Although, there are other similar players in the Indian market, OLX is still leading the competition as they have come up with their own mobile app that allow users to buy and sell products directly through their smartphone app. This has actually pushed their market space as more and more users are now downloading the app and which allows them to instantly take pictures and type in the relevant information and post their ads on the site. With the help of the app, buyers can also buy products online even while they are on move and they can get in touch with the sellers with ease.

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