T-Peos Popular Earphones-Review

Music is an integral part of our daily life. Not everyone can afford a good speaker set, at least a good pair of earphones? not a tough task. Many music lovers want great sound, comfort fit but needs to be some way to get it at a really good price.

Also when you looking for buying a good pair of IEM, there are a few basic questions you need to ask yourself. In-ear or On-ear type? My personal choice is in ear, they are comfortably fit into any type of ear. If you are looking for a budget friendly earphones T-Peos Popular is a choice for you. T-Peos is a popular earphone company from Korea, “Popular” is company’s budget friendly earphones with wake up your ears tagline.

T-Peos Popular Box

T-Peos Popular-Out of the box

The package come in simple white and orange color mixed card box. When you open the box, you’ll find earphone are nicely wrapped and placed in a visible position even the box is closed. At first look I found soft and simple white earphones, and pressing on the wire gives a soft touch to your hand.

Accessories Included

Eartips: 3 pairs of silicone tips
Clip: 1

T-Peos Popular Out of the box

T-Peos Popular Review-Design and Comfort

It’s not something that images can really speak the build quality, but the T-Peos Popular is strongly constructed. The company used a thick, flat, non-removable two-tone cable designed to reduce tangling. The earphones are sleek and very light weighted.  When you wore them out side people will think that you were wearing and Apple or Samsung white earphones. If they look at them too closely, the difference appears at steel finish of the frame.The wire is tough and foam tips are soft and easy to fit.

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T-Peos Popular box contents T-Peos Popular On Galaxy Note 2

T-Peos Earphones Clip T-Peos Laptop Connection

My ears were medium sized, I inserted with a firm push and they constantly stable in my ears. I used T-Peos Popular with my iPod shuffle and went for a small run, I didn’t faced any fitting issues in my ears, they are perfectly stable even in running. You might assume that this means they leak sound in running, you are totally wrong. The silicon tips reduces the loss of sound, when the grip is good you don’t need to worry about the sound leak.

T-Peos Buds

T-Peos Popular Review-Sound Quality

First I connected the earphones to my Galaxy Note 2 using Poweramp music player app. The first thing I noticed when reviewing the T-Peos Popular is decent even in traffic noise outside. The performance of the earphones is slightly low in detail, and very good at bass level.

T-Peos Popular Ear Buds Closer Look T-Peos Popular On Smartphone

T-Peos Popular Build Quality T-Peos Popular Style

The bass was utterly smooth and I loved it. I used play blockbuster Bollywood songs and some international hits. The separation of audio effects is also good, instrument effect are are widely separated. I given a special treat to my ears especially with Draft Punk sound tracks.

T-Peos Popular Closer Look

Overall the sound quality is very good at the price, the T-Peos Popular is a good entry level earphones for budget oriented people.

Tested on: Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, Moto G, iPhone 5C, Blackberry Curve 8520, Apple iPod Shuffle and Laptop.

Tested Genres: Rock, Pop, Instrumental and Bollywood.

Available in Snow White, Diamond Black, Navy Blue and Sunshine Red colors.


If you are tired with the poor sound of the standard earphones, these tiny one’s offer a smooth bass and wide instrumental separation.

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Buy T-Peos Popular Earphones.

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