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IP VPN Service is a service of virtual private network (VPN), which provides a homogeneous solution to satisfy complex telecommunications needs of my company and personal needs. By using it, it becomes possible to transfer the entire flow of internal communication of data and voice on a single corporate network, which provides Internet connection.

The service is an independent of technology, interconnecting networks (LAN). IP VPN service of this company maintains daily communication with high availability, it is a simple service that contributes to cost efficiency. Provides a quality solution for interconnecting internal (LAN), Internet connection, covering the total spectrum bandwidth needs of customers.

Main Advantages

  • Secure connectivity for high quality at a good price on a shared infrastructure.
  • The high-quality service is ensured.
  • High availability
  • A secure network
  • QoS settings – prioritize traffic according to customer needs;
  • Flexibility in terms of changing bandwidth and other features;

Who are the identities in need of the best VPN?

First of all companies and institutions planning their investment in the transport network and data:

Companies or individuals that have multiple locations, who need a unified network for data transmission;
Companies or individuals who want to maintain access levels and setting systems in the company using an integrated management of the company or want to develop their existing systems

This VPN service is a good choice because

Companies need security measures as encryption of data or identification;
cost considerations are important: IPSec services can be provided on any existing IP network , thus avoiding investment and operational costs of building a network;

A company wants to develop its corporate network resources in all locations and among all employees in the country;
The solution is flexible, new users or locations can be added easily to the existing network;
Traffic follows a hub -and -spoke topology.

Details for connecting to private network VPN to my sites:

Ethernet connection

  • The technology is MPLS network , local loop access achieved by radio links ( point – multipoint or point – to point frequencies of 26GHz , 18GHz , 13GHz , 6GHz , 3.7GHz , 5.8GHz 5 4GHz , 2.4GHz).
  • Data transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbps in the core.

The dedicated connections , dedicated capacities , priorities in granting access ;

  • The possibility of instantaneous capacity allocation ;
  • Monthly service availability: 99.85 % ;
  • Network packet loss rate: less than 1 %.

Target Groups that can have the same benefits

Business VPN service is recommended by me for companies that want to provide access to the company intranet so employees at distances offices and business partners, suppliers, customers. Business VPN is the ideal support for data and video, Internet applications, teleconferencing applications, databases or inventories, online access to the company intranet and the use of various software applications and management and tracking company activity.

General Benefits of VPN over LAN or WAN connectivity:

It is one of the fastest means of communication, allowing transmission of large volumes of information in real time;
it’s the best VPN service that meets the need for rapid and secure communication between the company’s offices;
VPN service is an attractive solution for companies with high activity and points of presence in various locations in the country;

The best VPN that enables communication and data transfer between the company and business partners ;
It is an economical alternative to the company’s investment in its own network of data communications ;
Business VPN services received are fully scalable and flexible ;
Service quality is guaranteed, the company overseeing the connections 24/7.
customer service available 24/7 as well.

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