Adjust Sound Settings On Android With Floating Equalizer App

After launching the pocket friendly iPod by Apple, the music lovers changed the way of listening. After entering of smartphone listening music becomes much easier. Android devices are music friendly devices with the help of some great apps. Today I want to share my Floating Equalizer app experience with you.

Android devices are comes in so many price range, poor quality hardware can cause the disturbance of audio quality while listening. You can skip this inconvenience by installing Floating Equalizer app on your device.

Floating Equalizer

The Floating Equalizer is a pretty interesting app and works with almost all music apps. The popular list of apps which can work with Floating Equalizer are Google Music, YouTube, MX Player and much more. The name of the app itself tell the behavior of the app, it floats on your Android device screen and easily movable across the screen. After installing the app you can tweak the music settings by clicking on the floating icon any time on the screen. The audio quality is really excellent, you can adjust sound quality depend on your favorite presets like normal, classical, dance, flat, folk, heavy metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, pop and rock.

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