Stellar Smart Finder for Mac-Review

Stellar Smart Finder is indeed a smart file browser-cum-manager for Mac OS X based computers, which enables searching, reading, and writing, and managing the files and folders stored in various volumes of the hard drive. This Mac finder application for Mac displays the contents of the selected folder in multiple views, viz. Graphical View, Column View, and List View. Amongst these views, Graphical View to display the folder contents is the default one. The additional features of this finder application are searching and deleting duplicate files on the Mac.


  • Simple and user-friendly UI
  • Search, read, write, and manage files on Mac
  • Search and Delete duplicate files on Mac
  • Displays folder contents in multiple views
  • Enables Free and Occupied spaces in volumes
  • Enables customized search for files and folders


  • Now a free app
  • Not so glossy and more look like Finder in Mac


  • Single License: $9.95 or €7.70


While searching for a file on the Mac, you must have been through individual volumes. However, the result is still not sure to be by the efforts executed. This means you did not get the most out of the efforts and time the right way. In contrast, having an efficient file browser-cum-manager enables you to obtain desired results without having to go through Mac volumes individually.


When you need to search a file of particular ‘file type’ and specific size in a volume or a folder, you need a professional file browser-cum-manager like Stellar Smart Finder that enables managing the massive amount of data on the hard drive. Apart from searching for a particular type of files, this finder app allows sorting the result, which is because managing data stored in various volumes of the hard drive is required almost every day and it must be well organized.

Opening a volume or a folder in this finder app requires selecting the particular volume or folder in the Open dialog and clicking the choose button (as shown in the image below).

This starts scanning the selected volume or folder and then lands up to the window showing the sunburst chart that is the default view showing the folder hierarchy of the scanned folder or root directory.

In fact, sunburst chart is the alternative view to display the contents of a folder rather than showing them in a hierarchy of folders (as shown in the image below).

As shown in the image above, each color in the sunburst chart represents a unique folder and its other information (i.e. path of the directory along with its size) on mouse hover. Clicking a particular folder (or a particular color in the chart) opens a new chart that represents the contents of that folder. For a deeper understanding, see the image below.

The central circle in the image above represents the root or parent folder or directory while others are its sub folders/directories. On mouse hover, the complete path and size of the particular directory are shown below the chart.

Using this finder application for Mac, you can easily go through individual volumes, specific folder inside the volume, sub folders inside the selected folder, in a hierarchical order (as shown in the image below).

This makes the manual search for a particular file easier, and the chances of locating the required file are better, which, even in a less span of time.

Stellar Smart Finder app enables searching for duplicate files in a particular folder and deleting them right from the scanned result window. Running the Duplicate Finder module requires launching the app and jumping to the finder window. Click the Duplicate Finder option in the toolbar and choose a volume, and then select the target folder. This will start scanning the selected folder for duplicate files, and then will list the duplicates in adjacent rows where each original file, in green color, differentiates itself and its copies from others in the list. You can also set all duplicate files to show up checked by default.

This finder app enables you right-click a file, and then you get more options, i.e. Reveal in Finder, Remove selected items, Open (as shown in the image above).

  • Selecting ‘Reveal’ in Finder option opens the finder window with the selected file highlighted.
  • Selecting ‘Remove’ select items option flashes a warning message, and eventually deletes the selected files (as shown in the image below).

  • Selecting ‘Open’ option launches the selected file in its default application.

Continuing to delete duplicate files, requires clicking the Proceed button on the warning screen, and then it will show the progress bar denoting deleting the selected duplicate files.

System Requirements

Stellar Smart Finder is a reliable finder tool that performs efficiently on Mac machines with basic system configuration, which means that it will perform even better on modern Mac machines with even higher system configuration. Well, the minimum system requirements are listed below:

  • Operating System: Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) – Mac OS X Leopard (10.5)
  • Processor: Intel
  • Primary Memory (RAM): 1 GB (Recommended)
  • Drive Space: 50 MB (Minimum)


The performance of an application relies on several factors, including system configuration, operating system version, and on RAM specifically. As mentioned earlier, since this finder application can perform considerably well on Mac machines with basic configuration, it will give the performance to the maximum on modern Mac machines.

As far as the overall productivity of the application is concerned, the better the system configuration, the higher will be the overall productivity.


Stellar Smart Finder app enables searching, opening, reading and writing, and managing the contents of a volume or a folder is an efficient and well-organized manner. This finder app enables searching for a particular type of files along with its duplicate files in a particular volume or a folder, which you can preview before deleting to free up drive space. For this, simply right-click a file in the list and choose Open, and then the selected file will be opened in its default application. To browse the location of the file, choose Reveal in Finder after right-clicking.

Key Features

  • The app has a simple and user-friendly interface
  • This app enables searching, reading and writing, and managing files
  • This app displays selected folder’s contents in Graphical view, Column view, and List view.
  • This app allows searching and deleting duplicate files in a folder
  • Enables Reveal in Finder, Delete, and Open duplicate files
  • This app features customized search

The Verdict

Stellar Smart Finder, I must say, is a better file browser-cum-manager as compared to Finder in Mac OS X. Based on its support and performance on Mac with basic system configuration to modern Mac based computers, this app gives a variable performance. Since the prime concerned of the users is to manage the files and folders in a better way as well as to remove duplicate files to free up drive space, this app scores 9/10 for its workaround.

My Opinion

I would suggest this finder application to have like a better alternative to Finder in Mac OS X. Apart from my views, based on the product review; I welcome people to share their views, based on their practical experience with this app.

Vishal is an expert OS X user who loves every bit of his Mac machine. He is experimenting a lot with his Mac and sharing every single piece of useful information with OS X users.

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